Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Back @ It

Last week I decided to put down the cupcakes and get my booty back in the gym! This week (yesterday to be exact) I started using LiveFit as a reference on what to lift on what days. On Sunday, my hubby and I also meal prepped for the week and made a pact to not eat out this entire week...

I have gained some weight. Okay, not just some... a lot! After my wedding, my body went back up to where it is comfortable at. The weight I can maintain easily... 175-180. I was okay with that because I was tired of being hardcore. I did it for almost a year and I needed a break. Well, then I got pregnant and I couldn't stay awake to save my life. Seriously, I was always sleeping! I also couldn't stomach anything except sweets. Well, add together the sleeping, the sweets and then the bed rest... lets just say it got pretty ugly in the weight department!

I finally stepped on the scale last week for the 1st time in 3 months (every time we went to the doctors I did not look because I was HAPPY and didn't want that number to bring me down). The number was 208!!! Ouch!!!

I am now on a mission again to get back down to my happy/maintain weight of 175-180. It is going to take some time, hard work and a lot of dedication and I am ready more now then ever before. I always said the only way I would be over 200 pounds again was if I was pregnant... time to do the hard work and get this pregnancy weight off!!!

Setting goals for myself really helps me stay on track, so here are a few I have made for myself...

My Birthday (August 22) - Lose 10 pounds and weigh 198lbs or less
Disney World (September 19th) - Lose another 10 pounds and weigh 188 or less
Halloween (October 31st) - Be at my goal weight of 175-180 or less

Alrighty, I have my goals set and my mind made up! I am ready accomplish this and so much more.

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