Monday, July 21, 2014

Saying Good-Bye

Have you ever been SO mad (aka jealous) that you threw your phone across the room only to have your husband stare at you like you need to be put in a mental hospital? Well, I have. This weekend 4 of my friends annoucned they are pregnant. Yay for them... I say that with love and with sarcasm!!! I know it will happen again for us but I want it to happen N.O.W.!!!

Patience is something I have NEVER been good at!!! Ask my Momma, she will tell you. I am sure she could probably write a book. Oh maybe she could write a book, make millions, give me some of the money and then I can live on the beach and never have to work again... Momma, lets talk! Haha

Other than throwing my phone across the room (thank goodness it didn't break... any more then it is already broken) we had a pretty awesome weekend with Caleb being home.

We attended a few birthday parties (with babies and pregnant women, ugh). We were able to see some family. We went to the movies and had ice cream (did you know yesterday was National Ice Cream Day). And church yesterday was hands down the BEST service I have ever been to. If you are ever in Saginaw, Texas on a Sunday morning come check out Eagle's View Church!!!

BUT... to top off our weekend, our photographer (and great friend) blessed us with a photo shoot in honor of our little dumpling in heaven! Caleb wrote a note and we tied it to some balloons and sent it off in style. Well, it got stuck in a tree but hey it happens. We told Caleb that God wanted it to get stuck so the angel baby could fly down and get it when we left. It made for some awesome pictures we will forever cherish!!! Photos below...

Oh and his note he wrote was his name and a photo of the "baby dying and flying to heaven"... Those were his words, not mine! Haha

I have thought and prayed a lot about my blog and about this wonderful and crazy journey I am on and have decided that for awhile this will be my last blog about the miscarriage. I am going to start focusing back on my weight loss journey and pour all my extra time and energy into getting back down to my pre-pregnancy weight. I am also going to continue to let this experience bring me closer to God and hopefully sooner than later Casey and I can SCREAM from the roof tops that we are pregnant again.

Thank you for reading my journey. Thank you for sharing your journey. Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for your support. Thank you for your love. And thank you for being you!!! We love you all.


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