Saturday, July 5, 2014

Day 4 of Bed Rest

Today is day 4 of my bed rest and I am going bonkers. People think bed rest is like a vacation, but in reality it is like you are in prison!!! I have even been calling Casey the warden.

I move, he ask why. I get up to pee, he tells me to sit down. I get up to throw away something, he takes it from me and makes me get back in bed. 

I think he is taking it a little too serious... or maybe I am not taking it seriously enough. Either way, I need it to be next week so I can see the doctor again!

The doctor said that blood is a good sign and well lets say I have had a lot of GOOD signs the past couple days... Hopefully by next week, my hematoma will be gone!!! A girl can hope, right?!

Anyways, I am 8 weeks today!!! Time for another chalkboard photo... this time, in bed! 


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