Thursday, May 12, 2016

Hectic is my life

Life has been getting more and more hectic with summer approaching. I am ready for it though. I am ready for Caleb not to have to go to school every day because that means I don't have to go pick him up every day... It wouldn't be too bad if pick up didn't mean it was an hour commute (with traffic thanks to our move, we didn't move him schools) and it didn't fall right around Dax's nap time! Dax LOVES his sleep and sometimes he will sleep until close to 4pm and sometimes he is up at 2:30pm... It makes pick up unpredictable and so much "fun"... thank goodness Caleb goes to an afterschool program!

Another thing making life hectic lately is the spring storms we have been having! We are in the middle of working on our yard and getting it ready to plant some grass. Our front yard looks like Arizona, nothing wrong with Arizona yards except we are the ONLY house in the court that looks that way and we stick out like a sore thumb. There are so many rocks and ugly bushes we are having to get rid of. When it storms we are stuck inside watching the weeds get watered. Ugh!! The only plus side is that the rain is softening the dirt around the bushes and making them easier to dig up. Speaking of... our garbage men must HATE us! We have so many piles of bushes to be picked up each trash day... and that is not even counting the tree limbs that the storm has been knocking down and we have to cut up and set on the curb! I am ready for the storms to pass... but mostly so this boy will stop climbing in bed with me!
I have been trying to fill our extra time in the afternoon with play dates with friends instead of being glued to the TV. Or we have been using our imaginations and working on projects around the house. It is kind of hard to do with Dax but we found that if we strap him into the stroller and give him my iPhone he is usually content for about 10 minutes. Yesterday, Caleb and I worked on a Lemonade Stand for one of my best friends daughters who wanted to sell lemonade this weekend. I think it turned out cute for not having any plans and using scrap wood and paint I found in our garage!!

The pool has become a life saver to me and I know it will be used a LOT this summer! Caleb has learned how to swim really well and is mostly self taught. Our patio now has a table and chairs and it is covered (it even has a mister attached) so it is nice to be able to sit out there, swing Dax on the porch, and watch Caleb burn off some energy in the pool. I have even braved the water this week. I haven't been able to get more than waist deep yet but it is warming up so that's a great sign! Come summer, I will be a mermaid and never want to leave the pool... eek!!! 

Four years ago today, these 2 guys met for the first time and they have been best buds since then! Casey has become such a great remodel for Caleb and someone he truly loves to look up too. Last night he built a jail out of Legos and when he came to show it to me, he said "take a picture of this and send it to Casey..." he wasn't come to show me, he was just using me as the middle man to show Casey. It was cute! I adore the bond these 2 have...

March 30th I weighed in at 188.4 pounds since then, my weight has been yo-yoing back and forth from that to 195.0 pounds. I have been adding in more carbs and lifting more and I know for a fact I have been losing inches... but seeing the scale jump around so much really bothered me. I know the scale doesn't matter and no one knows what I weigh unless I tell them... blah blah blah... but to me it does matter, I like seeing that number go down. I am still about 20 pounds away from my goal weight so seeing it yo-yo and bounce around was kind of disheartening and I really think that is why I started to struggle and get discouraged some. I hate to admit it but it is the truth. Today when I stepped on the scale and saw a new LOWER number, it reminded me that what I am doing is working and I need to just trust the process... easier said than done!! I am still shooting for 175 by Dax's birthday in a month, but if I don't get there it is okay... I just need a BIG goal so I will continue to push myself hardcore!!

I hope you are all having a fabulous week and have a wonderful weekend ahead!!!


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