Friday, May 20, 2016

Pretty Proud!

The past couple of weeks I have been struggling to stay on track. Actually the whole month of April really threw me for a loop. I had started my first phase of Muscle Building and my macros were raised by a lot. I trusted the program and ate all my foods and lifted all my weights. At the end of the 4 weeks, I hadn't lost a single pound but I did lose inches and really that is what matters.

(Outfit from Ollie Marie - Roller Girl Jeans & Dory Top)

But to me, the scale matters too. I am still a good 20-30 pounds away from my goal weight and I still have fat to lose. It is easier for a smaller fit chick to say the scale doesn't matter, but for me it does. If I was to go to the doctors right now, he would weigh me and would talk to me about getting my weight down just a little bit more. So it really is a rock and hard place... it matters but it doesn't. This was messing with my head SO much and by the time I completed the 1st phase, I was ready to throw in the towel. I felt so bloated and so defeated.

May started phase 2 and in phase 2, you lower you macros... and I did just that. The first 2 weeks were rocky because I would slip up bad on the weekends with my food. I would miss workouts (at least one each week, if not 2, and I half assed most of them) and I was basically throwing myself a pity party. This past weekend I ate my heart out and Sunday I decided enough was enough. I was going to get back on track during week 8. I am pretty proud to say, I am right back on track now! I made it to the gym every day this week even with having a sick baby at home and I have logged all my foods and stayed on track 100% with no cheats.

I weighed this morning and I am down 1.6 pounds (a new low) from last week!! My plans this weekend is to stay 100% on track, workout tomorrow morning, work in the yard this weekend, and Sunday have a relaxing rest day (maybe I will try out a yoga class). You guys, I am 10 pounds away from the 175 goal I wanted to be at Dax's first birthday... which is in 3 weeks!!!!

Monday starts the last week of phase 2, I will be posting start of Muscle Building to now photos and stats on Sunday the 29th.

I mentioned that I had a sick kid... well little Dynamite Dax (he has been a wild child this week) was bit by something on Saturday near his eye. It swelled up so big by Wednesday and that night he had some green junk in his eyes. I washed them out and put him to bed. Thursday morning he woke up the entire house at 3am screaming bloody murder and wouldn't go back to bed until 4:30. It was brutal. When he woke up again at 6:30am he was screaming again but this time he had a little bit of a fever and his eyes were crusted shut!!! Poor baby boy!! We think that maybe the thing under his eye got infected and that's where the green junk was coming from, his body was pushing it out however it could get rid of it. This morning his eyes were clear and the bump is almost all the way gone. Thank goodness!

Now we start the fun part, weaning him off bottles and formula. Say a prayer for us!

Big brother played hooky yesterday... we are teaching him life lessons on how to ditch school, yes we are awesome parents (haha)! With Dax waking us all up and then we finally were able to go back to sleep, Caleb didn't wake up until well after 8 and it was pouring rain... his school is about 20 minutes away (that is without Fort Worth traffic and bad weather) and I was in no mood to get on the road... so he stayed home too! Casey had to work, which he usually has Thursday's off, so it was just me and the boys. We all took a nap from 2-4:30 and then 5pm it was sunny and we needed out of the house. I took them up the road, bought Caleb an sno-cone... he really enjoyed it and told me he is ready for summer so everyday he can stay home and have sno-cones! Oh the life of a kid...

Let me leave this blog by saying Happy (early) Anniversary to my In-Laws!! They have been married for 17 years come Saturday and this is a picture of them with (19 year old) Casey on their wedding day. They have set such a great example for our marriage and we love them both very much!! Happy 17th Anniversary, here is to many many more!!


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