Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Jordan + Lisa = Georgia Fun!!!

Last Friday, Dax and I boarded a plane headed to Atlanta, Georgia for a weekend full of fun, friends and food!!! But the real story doesn't start there...

(this is a comparison from the first time we met to this past weekend. Anna wouldn't let hold her this time though...)

In 2014 I signed up for a pregnancy website that was sort of like Facebook. It allowed you to track your pregnancy and also make friends along the way. I made a couple here and there but one of the friendships really blossomed unlike the rest. Lisa and I became instant friends. We would email back and forth on the website and then it turned into emailing back and forth through our personal emails and then it went to texting... then last August when my family took a family vacation to South Carolina, we decided to meet up in the middle and meet face to face! We both brought our husbands and our children and had a great afternoon together. It felt like I had known her my entire life... she just gets me and I get her.

(I thought it would be fun to bring matching jammies for Lisa and me)

We text every single day. She is my go to person when I am having a bad day, when something fun happens or when I want to give up on being a mom (and yes, that does happen). We can vent and bitch to each other and neither of us gets offended. We both don't always agree on everything but we support each other on everything and I believe that is what makes our friendship so strong.

(This was at the Coca-Cola museum in the taste tasting room. The babies wanted cups of their own and boy did those cups entertain them for awhile)

Our babies are 8 days apart and so that means attending the first birthday parties are out of the question... so I decided I was going to pay her a visit and we could celebrate a few months early!! And have a couple of friendship dates while we were there. Luckily she has an amazing husband who watched the kids so we could have some one on one time. Seriously yall, this family is one of the best I have met.

(I was so happy to FINALLY be in ATL with my friend)

The weekend was a much needed break from my life. I had gotten to a point where I felt exhausted and worn out. I was over going to the gym everyday and I was done logging my food. I wanted to throw in the towel and quit. I decided that this get away would be my vacation from it all. I logged here and there and we walked a lot but other than that, it was out of sight out of mind. I enjoyed myself with no quilt and I had some amazing dishes of food... including the short braised ribs at a restaurant called Season 52! I even was able to enjoy a cocktail... which doesn't happen very often because I like to eat my calories instead of drink them, but since I wasn't tracking really, I was able to drink AND have dessert without a care in the world.

(I was pretty much in heaven.. unlimited every flavor of diet coke I wanted... oh and a creeper in the background, hahahaha)

We had a GREAT time... Other than the delay getting to Atlanta... seriously, we had a horrible delay due to the rain and storms that caused us to sit on the plane for a total of 5 hours (including flight). Dax actually did really good and didn't cry too much. I cried though, I cried a lot. I sat at the back of the plane thinking the restroom with the changing table was back there, turns out it was at the front of the plane. I had only packed enough for 3 bottles and we had gone through 2 of them already. Then Dax tore my pearl earring out of my ear and threw it across the plane! Luckily, when the plane did finally take off the pearl came rolling backwards down the aisle and I was able to pick it up, I guess it was a perk of sitting on the back row... The turbulence was horrible thanks to the storms BUT it did rock Dax to sleep and I was able to turn my iPad on and watch some of my movies.
(Cheers to our wonderful friendship... I love you lady)

Heading back to Fort Worth wasn't nearly as bad but we did have a long travel time. Atlanta traffic is horrible and crazy so Lisa had to drop us off about 4 hours early so she wouldn't be stuck going home. The airport had an art show and a plane train so I strapped Dax in the stroller and we walked for ever and ever getting on and off the plane train. I googled to see if the airport had a play land for kids (Dallas Love does) and it said it was at terminal A8 and A23. I walked down there to find there was NO such terminals and everyone I asked that worked at the airport had never heard of any play lands... it was heart breaking to say the least.

(I mean, aren't our babies so cute?!)

Finally we boarded the plane, sat in the very first row (next to the nicest man ever) and Dax was asleep for the entire flight... best part of getting home, Casey was waiting at the front door when we pulled up. My father in law was pulling into the driveway and I jumped out of the car, run as fast as I could and jumped into Casey's arms to kiss him!

I had such a great time in ATL with my wonderful friend and her super sweet family, but I am happy to be back home... Lisa, I am ready for you to come to Texas whenever you are ready to honky your tonk!!!


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