Monday, May 23, 2016


To the people who dread Monday, I am sorry... I LOVE Mondays! Why?! Because it is a fresh start to a new week! A week that could hold so many different possibilities. Yeah, the going back to work after having 2 days off part kind of sucks but I am trying to be positive and instead be thankful I have a job to go back to work too...

I don't mean to toot my own horn but TOOT TOOT!!! This past weekend, I stayed on track 110% with my workouts and eating. I am so proud of myself. April was a tough month for me and I kept going back and forth to being motivated and wanting to just throw in the towel and eat my weight in foods. Sunday the 15th I had some fast food that I had been craving and actually made myself sick from eating it. The next day I was in the bathroom all day long (and so was Casey, he had the same foods) and I felt horrible. I decided then and there I was done, I wanted to feel good again. That Monday, I made it MY Monday. Last week I gave it my all and stayed focused and I am proud to report, I am starting to feel much more like my normal self again!!

Can we chit chat about this dude for a bit?! Oh I so proud of him. He will be ONE on June 14th (hard to believe huh?) and we have started transitioning him to sippy cups and whole milk... we started last week and he is already done with the bottle and formula. He has been drinking transition formula at morning and bedtime but other than that he is drinking water, watered down juice and whole milk out of his sippy cups! It did take a minute for us to find a sippy cup he liked but we finally found one and we are sticking with it.
He is a cute baby but OH so stubborn! I tell him no about 2,000 times a day and he will look at me, laugh, point his finger, baby talk at me and go back to what he was doing. I will move him to the opposite side of the house and he will crawl right back to where he was. Last night I was working in my Mom Cave and he was trying to get the trash can under my table. I kept telling him no and moving him away. Finally he stood up holding the edge of the table and reached for the trash can and when he did he slipped and hit his head on the edge of the table, then on the concrete floor and then got up and crawled to get the trash can and as soon as he had it in his hands... he started crying! Oh this kid... Praying this heals up before his birthday in a few weeks!

Speaking of his birthday, it is a pool party at our house so we have been working on getting our pool in order so everyone can come over and swim. The last owners left us a Polaris 360 pool vacuum and well, it isn't working... Casey is determined to get this thing to work so we don't have to fork out the money to buy another one! They aren't cheap! This is what it currently looks like... eek! Fingers crossed the updates he has made to it this weekend will get it working again because the handheld vacuum we bought isn't the most fun thing to use!

My friends on my personal page already know this but I figured I would share it with you guys and gals too... I am starting a vinyl decal Etsy page! It isn't up and running just yet, but it will be very soon. More details to come later and I can see a lot of fun giveaways coming too... stay tuned!
I am ready to tackle this week, to stay on track with my food and my workouts and I am ready to take my end of Phase 2 Muscle Building photos this weekend. We have a hectic busy week ahead of us so my gym schedule has changed but it is what it is and I am going to make it work no matter what...
Tuesday - Kindergarten Awards
Wednesday - Muffins with Mom
Friday - Vacation day at work for Caleb's Field Day
Sunday - Family Cookout at Our House
Monday - Memorial Day!

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday morning and remember instead of hating that it is Monday, try and find the joy in today... I promise if you just look hard enough you will find it!


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