Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Weekend Recap

Friday night we met up with our photographer and had Dax's 1 year old birthday photos taken as well as some family photos that my in-laws also participated in. We found a park near our house that has a mission style entrance, kind of looks like the front of The Alamo, which is perfect because Dax's birthday is a Uno Fiesta!!

The day started off scattered and ended the same way. It would have usually frazzled me to the point I didn't feel comfortable taking the pictures, but since I am working on #ProjectJordan, I decided to just go with the flow. The biggest upset was losing his birthday shirt (that we found the next day) but I found a cute blue button up in his closet and he wore that instead. Actually looking at the sneak peaks (which I will post next week), I think the blue shirt actually was a better option!

I am actually pretty proud of myself for keeping it together and not getting to flustered. I am also proud of myself for having fun in the photos instead of constantly pulling on my shirt or my shorts to make sure my "fat rolls" weren't showing. These shorts have been super tight for the longest time and I was so nervous to wear them. I actually wore them the day before to try and "stretch" them out some... you know how things are tight when they are first out of the dryer?! They ended up being perfect and I felt great in them. I also ended up wearing a Mexican dress for the first half of the photos and I felt very sexy and cute wearing it. I cant wait to see the pictures!!

Saturday, Casey took Caleb and Dax to a local tree farm and they picked out and planted flowers for me. When they got back home, Dax took a 4 hour nap (praise baby Jesus) and Casey and Caleb went to see Civil War (The Avengers movie). Sadly, Casey had to work Saturday afternoon (as usual) and so I spent the afternoon and evening alone with my boys. It was an early night for everyone and then Momma got to have some alone time playing with my new Mother's Day present...

When I won Kelsey's Challenge last year I wanted an iPad so badly BUT I also wanted a vinyl machine and heat press. Casey told me to get the iPad and for Mother's Day we will get the vinyl machine and my birthday the heat press... so when Mother's Day rolled around I made sure to remind him! I am currently learning the machine and building up some inventory so one day I can open an etsy page. I cant wait to get my heat press so I can start making some cute workout tanks too!!! Stay tuned for those...

Sunday aka Mother's Day was okay! Case forgot to buy me a Mother's Day card, I threw a fit and pouted for a bit, he apologized, I pouted some more and then we went to lunch. See, we aren't perfect... we fight, he forgets things and I pout! Haha! Lunch was good but it took forever and a day to get our food and Case had to go to work so when it arrived we had to have them box it up and we took it home to eat. It was a bummer but oh well, what can ya do?!

I spent the rest of the day eating too many carbs and way too much sugar!!!
Memories > Macros!!!

Yesterday I missed my morning workout but I went at lunch and got my sweat on! Today I am back on track and ready to conquer this week. I have some BIG goals for this month and I plan to destroy them all!!!

Tomorrow is exactly one month until Dax's Uno Fiesta where I want to wear a bikini... Big goals people... BIG GOALS!!!!


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