Friday, April 29, 2016

Muscle Building Phase 1 Results

Before we talk about my Phase 1 Results from Muscle Building... can we talk about how stinking adorable my boys are?! I mean look at them!!! These jammies were Caleb's first "big boy" jammies and now Dax can wear them. MELT MY HEART!!!!

One more thing before the results and I share this with you to let you know I am human, I am NOT perfect and my weight loss journey isn't either. I have my melt downs, I overeat, I cry about my weight and I send horrible text messages to my husband about myself and then when he comes to tell me that I am beautiful and that he loves me, I snap at him and tell him to leave me the hell alone. Do I wish that I wouldn't do this, hell yes I do... but like I said, I am human and I am flawed. If I could make the mental side of weight loss easier, I would have done it many years ago. I hate the mental side of it and I am currently struggling with it and since I am working on #ProjectJordan I decided I needed to open up about it instead of holding it all in and feeling alone... so here I am, my name is Jordan and I am struggling hardcore!!!

I think one of the reasons I am struggling is because for the past 8 months I have lost 10-12 pounds every month. Now I am getting closer to my goal and I am not losing as quickly... which I get but still doesn't help with the emotional rollercoaster. Plus I have been doing a bulking phase to put on muscle and so I knew I probably wouldn't lose and maybe even gain this past month.... still didn't help when I stepped on the scale this morning and saw I weighed the EXACT same weight as I did when I started this phase 4 weeks ago!!!

Then I did my measurements... Yes, I lost 10.5 total body inches!!! Did I want more, you better believe your sweet ass I wanted more. I am human, we always want more. UGH! I am happy with my inches lost, I truly am. I just want to fast forward time and get out of this bulking stage so I can lean out and see the real transformation of all my hard work...

Here are my photos... We moved a couch in front of the gray wall in my craft room so now my "selfie wall" in my bathroom is my new background from now on...


I leave for Georgia today and I plan on having a good time, enjoying myself and trying to stay on track as much as I can. I do have workout clothes packed and hope to squeeze in a few workouts while I am there... and then Tuesday when I get back home, I will start Phase 2!!!

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