Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Muscle Building Program - FOOD!!!!

If you havent heard by now, I am a Jessie's Girl!!! Basically it just means I have purchased one of her plans and I am currently doing her Muscle Building program. There is a Facebook group page, you get access to Jessie herself, the program comes with TONS (and I do mean TONS) of information on eating and lifting weights and so much more on her fitness page.

The weight lifting doesnt really make me nervous, I am use to lifting and I actually love it. The one thing that did change for me was the sets and reps. I have been doing 3 sets of 10 and now I am changing it up. This week I am doing 4 sets of 15, next week is 4 sets of 12. I have to admit, 4 sets of 15 is brutal but I am getting through it. The cardio kind of makes me nervous because I can't run due to my knee and so doing HIIT workouts are a little different for me... but cardio really doesnt scare me that much either. What scares me about all of this, THE FOOD!!!

Food is 80% of losing weight and building muscle. You have to eat right in order to achieve your goals. Well I have been doing just that since last August and it has been going nicely. Now after doing my calculations with this program, I am UPPING my calories and macros. Let me just tell ya, that scares the HELL out of me!!! Adding food to lose weight?! I know it works, obviously... Jessie has thousands of women doing her programs!

I am so scared to gain weight. I have asked Casey to hide my scale (I am usually a daily weigher) and not give it back to me until the last week of April. I do plan on taking weekly photos on Sunday to have for comparison. This is going to be tough but it is something I have always wanted to do so I am going to TRUST JESSIE!!!

I am going to repeat to myself "TRUST THE PROCESS" so many times the next few weeks.

Here is a look into what I am eating. My calories went from around 1700-1800 to almost 2,500!!! My macros went from 170p/170c/45f ... to.... 237p/196c/85f!!!

Cake for Breakfast... Yum Yes Please!!!!
Check out Skinnymeg's blog HERE to read more about this amazing creation!!!
I cant wait to play around with flavors but for now, I am sticking with chocolate covered cherry!

This was my morning snack - Protein Puppy Chow.
To be honest, I am not a fan and I am having to change it. I bought enough to last all week long. Oh well, looks like Casey will be eating Chex mix for breakfast this week.
Basically you mix Chex cereal, protein powder, peanut butter and some coconut oil together. In theory it sounds amazing... I just couldn't eat more than 5 or 6 bites without being done!

Lunch & Dinner were the same, minus the avocado at dinner time. When I went shopping I couldn't find the Basmati rice and they were sold out of the Boil Bag Brown Rice boxes so I bought these little cups that already had the serving size dished out and you just microwave for 1 minute. It wasn't the best choice sodium wise but it was better than white rice. I mixed it with 6 ounces of ground turkey, steamed onions and bell peppers, 1/2 an avocado and 1/2 a serving of shredded cheese.

For afternoon snack, I was going to have a quest bar but I haven't made it to GNC lately so I decided to just boil up some eggs and have some bread. Its not very pretty but it is great fuel for my body for sure. Dax kept trying to steal my bread, that boy LOVES carbs!

Dinner was the same as lunch, minus the avocado... I was out of Fats by then.

Oh and I started my day with one of these and I also ended the day with one too. I buy these at Costco (and I believe Wal-Mart sells them too). They taste very good and they are easy when you are on the go!!!

Phase 2 I think I will be adjusting my calories and macros (haven't read that far ahead just yet but have seen people in the Facebook group talking about adjusting their calories) so I am really ready for that. I have seen so many transformation pictures of girls who just finished the program I am doing and WOW... they are inspiring me! I am going to trust the program, trust Jessie and trust the process. This girl wants more defined muscle!!!


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