Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Ollie Marie!!

When I find a good store that I fall madly in love with, I have to share it with all of you guys and gals so y'all can be in love too... Let's take a minute and talk about Ollie Marie Boutique (aka OMB)!!!

This store was started by one of my favorite fitness people, Skinny Meg, out of her house and it is all online. I am usually not a online shopping kind of girl when it comes to clothes because I need to try things on and I have like ZERO patience for shipping. However, my experience with OMB has been above extraordinary and the shipping is SUPER fast. I thought maybe it was just me since I don't live to far away from her but I see other women on Instagram saying the same thing. And did I mention... the shipping is FREE!!! Please tell me I am not the only one who will put $100 in my cart only to cancel the order because shipping is too much money. Well with OMB we don't have to worry about that!!!

(I am in love with these pants and had to wait for her to re-stock them before I was able to snag me a pair)

I think one of the things I love most about OMB is that Megan really listens to what the ladies who shop at her store really want. She will periscope and ask for feed back, ask us to help name her new items and she shares how she visions each item to be worn. She is real, open and honest and I think that is what makes her store amazing and successful. 
(I haven't actually worn this dress yet, I bought it back in Nov/Dec and I planned on wearing it for Vegas but I forgot to pack it.. bummer! So, I am now planning on wearing it to dinner in Georgia this weekend!)

Another thing I LOVE about OMB, the fan base!!! Seriously some of my favorite Instagram girls have become my friends because we both have a love for OMB. Megan (and her other lovely ladies who work for her) will post fan/client photos on their page, it is awesome to see other women wearing the same clothing as you. It gives you ideas on how to wear it and what to pair it with. Plus if you are like me and instantly like that person's page, it will give you another friend that you can compare notes with!! That is how I became friends with Melissa (runthisweigh) on Instagram!! I have seen things on OMB page that I thought wouldn't look good on me, then I see it on one of the other followers and it changes my mind!
(This is my 2nd favorite piece I have bought so far from OMB. I mean it has flowers on it and I am Mrs. Flowers... so... Casey talked me into wearing it as a dress in Vegas but when I am back home, I like to pair it with tights, shorts or jeans)

OMB has real sizing! When you order a large, you get a large. You don't get a medium that is labeled a large. If the sizing is off at all, Megan will post it on the page to let you know to size up or size down. Like I said earlier, I don't really like shopping for clothes online because I don't know how they will fit me. I think with Megan running this store and being someone who has dealt with being overweight and losing the weight, she has tried to stay true to sizing. She isn't a stick thin Barbie doll (no offense to anyone who is) but she is a real woman with real curves and muscle (love the muscle) so she tries to pick pieces that she know will look good on other real women.
(This is my FAVORITE piece I ever ever ever bought in my entire life!!! I have big plans for this skirt in August when it is my thirty FIRST birthday... hint hint on the FIRST part)

Speaking of sizing, did I mention that she has PLUS SIZES?! Seriously, the girl has it all. After having Dax I was lost on clothes but I still wanted to be cute but I felt like a whale. OMB was my one stop shop. I was tight on a budget but I was able to purchase a few pieces that made me feel sexy again even when I was close to 300 pounds. Clothes shopping sucks and especially after just having a baby, I was so glad I had OMB to turn to.
(this dress made me feel so pretty, like a pretty I had never felt before. I hated the way I looked and I hated that I had gained so much weight from my miscarriage and pregnancy with Dax, but when I slipped into this dress I felt fierce and sassy. I swear it was magical. I also loved that being 5'10, it still touched the floor. I swear it had magical powers Megan forgot to tell us about)

When you purchase from OMB you will receive a pink package (like the one Caleb is holding at the top of this blog) and your clothes will be wrapped in adorable white tissue paper with gold stars. I have to say, it is almost as good as opening a birthday present. Every time I get a pink package in the mail, I get so giddy and the boys wait to see what I bought and they instantly make me try it on and show them. Funniest thing... one day Caleb checked the mail and said "you got a pink package from that Skinny Peg person!" I about lost it laughing so hard. Oh I love my boys... and I love OMBs wrapping job on my clothes!!!

(This shirt was a HIT every time I wore it. Sadly, it is too big for me now but maybe next fall I can pair with some tights OR pass it down to one of my girlfriends... I am just not ready to get rid of it yet)

I did just notice that OMB now has a loyalty rewards program!!! Say what?! Yep, for every dollar you spend, you earn 1 point. When you collect 100 points (spend $100) you will receive 10% off you order. She also has savings codes for some of her friends on Instagram (becomingbethany and getfitkatie are IG pages that I follow that I notice codes on) that will save you 20% on your orders!

Also, if she is out of stock on items she is planning to restock, there is a side tab that will pop up and allow you to put your email address and phone number in requesting a certain size. When that size comes in, you will be notified and you can purchase then. It has come in handy for me a few times!

(I fell in LOVE with this dress when it was posted online. I was nervous about it being short and it was very short but I was able to pair it with some jeans and still rock it at work. I haven't tried it on in a long time and I know I have lost a lot of weight since I posted this picture above, so maybe next time I try it on it might fall longer on my legs?! We shall see. This is another piece I am just not ready to give up yet... its too cute!)

This blog is 110% my thoughts and my idea, Megan didn't ask me to write it... actually I asked her if it was okay. I just love being able to find something I love and be able to share it with my followers. If you haven't heard of OMB yet, make sure to check her out and if you have already heard about it... well, she posted new arrivals yesterday!!!

I am over here waiting for Friday... come on pay day, I have some shopping I would like to do!



  1. I LOVE OMB!!!! I sure hope you are doing a first cake smash or something for your birthday.. I am planning on using a tulle skirt for my family pictures and doing a cake smash birthday too. You are beautiful in every piece. PS - your flower dress has pockets on it. Happy Hump Day!

    1. Yep, cake smash!!! I cant wait... Thanks for the sweet compliment! What flower dress has pockets?! I freaking LOVE pockets!!!

  2. I'm so excited your going to put that tutu to good use!!! I can't wait!

  3. I LOUDLY echo your sentiments. In fact, when you're ready to part with flowers and stripes shirt, I will seriously buy it from you. It is my SOUL in the form of a shirt! I have purchased two, but have lost weight so neither fit anymore! The struggle is real. OMB for life!