Monday, April 4, 2016

Tom+Chee Review

Tomorrow on the blog I will be posting what I am eating this week, my 1st week of being a Jessie's Girl, and I will also post photos of everything.... but today... we are going to talk about this past weekend and all of the food I ate.

I didn't set out to have a bad eating weekend, really I didn't... but that is exactly what happened. From my last blog y'all know I have been dealing with a lot of stress and I am just out of sorts I guess you can say. I am started a new hardcore program today and I have every intention on giving it 110% and having an amazing transformation. With all that being said... I needed a break from macros, from the gym, from my food scale, from it all. We are all human and can't be perfect all of the time.

Friday night Casey took me to see The Little Mermaid at Bass Hall and we went to a restaurant called "Tom+Chee" for dinner. Saturday we had Chick Fil A for breakfast and Mi Cocina (Tex-Mex) for dinner. Sunday we had Braums for breakfast and Whataburger (a Texas classic) for dinner. I don't feel miserable but I also don't feel that energetic at all. I have to be honest, it felt SO great not worrying about anything at all this weekend and now I am ready to get back on track and destroy the next 14 weeks!!!

Okay, on to Tom + Chee... ever since I was a small kid, I have LOVED a great grilled cheese sandwich. When this new restaurant popped up I just knew I had to try it out. I have had this date night planned for a few months and let me just say, it lived up to all of my expectations!!!

One of the 1st things I noticed was that they have coloring books and crayons by the drink station for the little kids, or for adults who want to color. As a mom, that is a nice touch and a huge plus in my book. There is nothing worse than trying to entertain a child who is hungry and having to wait for their food to cook and be delivered to the table. Kudos Tom+Chee, kudos!!

They are known for their grilled cheese donut and I guess they also have a challenge that if you eat 13 of them, you are a winner!! I told Casey I should do the challenge... not because I am confident that I can eat 13 grilled cheese donuts BUT that I am confident that I like to win and not give up until I have become a winner. He laughed and said "very true!" Don't worry, I didn't do this time... maybe one day in the future (but probably not).

Casey ordered the Italian - salt & vinegar chips, pepperoni, ham, mozzarella on hardy white bread. He said it was (and I quote) "Damn good!" 

I had the BBQ and Bacon Grilled Cheese with a soup dipper (creamy tomato basil). The sandwich was amazing and after reading the fun facts on the cup, I realized that this was the sandwich that started it all. The soup on the other hand, I wasn't a fan of it at all. I am glad I only paid $1.00 and it was a small amount. I would have been super bummed if I had ordered a bowl or cup of it.

I enjoyed the heck out of that sandwich for sure!!!

Now on for dessert... I had a S'More Grilled Donut!!! I love S'Mores so much so when I found this on the menu I just knew I had to have it. It was hands down the best thing I have eaten in a long time (right next to the frozen hot chocolate in Vegas). WOW! Casey and I always share 1 bite of our foods and when he tried this, he wanted to switch. Ha!

Casey ended up getting The King Grilled Donut (fresh banana, peanut butter, mascarpone, mozzarella on a grilled donut) and he said it was okay. I did have one bite and I agree, it was okay. Nothing to do backflips over... like the S'More!

All in all, I am very impressed with Tom+Chee and I cant wait until I can take my nieces and the boys... maybe one day this summer when I am done with my 14 week Muscle Building Jessie's Girl program!

If you have a Tom+Chee restaurant close by, I suggest you make a trip your next cheat meal!!!

Come back tomorrow for my meal plan with photos of everything I am eating!!!


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