Monday, April 18, 2016

Oh Poop!

Man last week got away from me! I kept meaning to blog and every time I had a free second I would get busy again... at work and at home. It was hectic for sure. Then Wednesday night Casey left for a guys fishing trip and didn't return until early evening on Sunday (his flight was delayed by 4 hours, yuck). Caleb went to his Dad's house and I had Dax at home. I thought it would be okay but man Dax is a pill for sure. He is such a great baby but he is my wild child that keeps me on the edge of my seat. Plus on top of it all, I have had this constant headache for about 3 weeks now (yes, I have seen my doctor and we are trying to figure out what is going on) so adding in a baby who misses his brother and daddy and was getting into everything and fighting sleep... it wasn't a pretty weekend!

(Dax is a Daddy's boy and the minute Case got home he was glued to his side. Every time I went over by Case, Dax would shoot me a evil look and push me away. Dax was sitting on the ground and so I went and sat in Casey's lap. The minute I sat down Dax crawled over and pulled himself up on Case and started slapping me in the face until I stood up. When I did he started smiling and snuggled up against Case. He wasn't about to share his Daddy with anyone, not even Momma)

BUT I do have a blog in mind and it is something I have talked about before but wanted to bring up again... Poop!

(Yeah, I scored in the highest range)

We all do it, some more than others but it is a normal thing in life and something I think we need to talk about more. Are you going enough? Are you eating enough fiber? What does your poop say about you? Are you making sure your children have healthy bowels?

I have problems going to the bathroom. I always have since I was little. Actually when I was about 9-10 years old I stayed the night at a hospital because I was in so much pain and come to find out it was because I was so backed up. My step dad likes to say I was full of shit. Ha!

I have been on and off medication for this problem for as long as I can remember. I can go days without going!! It got so bad in my pregnancy with Dax that I actually thought I was going into early labor at 20 weeks. It ended up being what my brother-in-law likes to call a "con-crap-tion"... The doctor told me to do weekly enemas. It wasn't a pretty sight but they worked and I was thankful.

(my view from the potty, always getting into something this kid)

Every doctor I see about this problem ask me how my diet is and if I am active. Umm yes, I am very on top of my diet, I eat my fiber and I drink tons of water and yes I am active. I just have sucky bowels!!! Casey on the other hand goes after every meal almost. I get so jealous sometimes. Haha! One doctor told me they are doing bowel replacements on rats in Europe... interesting, not sure I am ready for that right now but very good to know, Doc!

The one thing I have noticed since starting Macros... I have been going to the bathroom a lot more frequently. I don't know if it is a fluke thing that happened after giving birth or if it is actually keeping track of my macros down to the gram, but whatever it is I love it. There have even been days that I have gone to the bathroom more than once, that is like seeing a unicorn... SO RARE!!!!

A friend of mine told me to start using a stool when I go to the restroom and it has been helping a lot. I also found a thing called a Squatty Potty on Amazon, I think I might buy one so the boys can have their stool back finally. Anyone else use a stool?

(One day I will use the restroom in peace again... one day)

Saturday, I went to the gym and while I was there I had the urge to go to the bathroom like REALLY badly. I don't fight the urge, since I hardly ever have urges. I stopped what I was doing, in the middle of working out my back, and went to the bathroom. I spent about 20 minutes in there (Casey said it could count as my cardio, haha) and then finished my workout where I left off. I decided to ask the girls in my Jessie's Girls group what they would do if they were in my shoes and they all said "Go or be sorry later" Haha!

Well, oh poop... that is all I have for today! Seriously, I know this topic can be gross and who likes to talk about their bowels if you aren't a 12 year old boy... but this is a part of being healthy and I really suggest that if you struggle in this area (like I do) 1. you are NOT alone and 2. please call your doctor and see if they can help get you some much needed relief.

Yall have a great Monday and I promise I will try and blog more this week!



  1. I have had a persistent headache for about two weeks now. I'm getting adjusted by my chiropractor basically every other day (thankfully my chiropractor is my husband or my HSA would be drained by now). It helps relieve the headache but it comes right back the next day! I wonder if it has to do with weather (I'm in Kay) or hormones, or what! But it is terribly aggravating! I hope you find relief soon!!

    1. KY ... Thanks for that one autocorrect

    2. I just told Casey I am going to go back to the chiropractor next payday. They helped me a LOT during my pregnancy.

  2. The squaty potty does help. I think we've had ours for at least a year. I bought mine at bed bath and beyond and I think used a 20% coupon.

    1. Good idea using the 20% off coupon, I always forget about BB&B!!!

  3. I had a clogged bowel too when I was a teenager and it was awful! After a week of being in agony my dr finally ordered x-rays and he came in laughing (he was a close family friend) saying your FOS! I used to take fibre pills after that just to make sure it never happened again! might be an option for you! Oh and the dire need to go during a workout is the worst! your all sweaty and pooping at the gym where you know so many people is just awkward! I can go anywhere else but I hate having to go at the gym! Loving your Blog!

    1. I am glad I am not the only one who was FOS as a child. Haha! Girl, I have tried so many different pills the best one I ever tried was Lizness (sp?) and it was amazing but its so pricey.