Friday, April 8, 2016

Week 1 - Recap

Tomorrow I will finish my last workout for the 1st week of the Muscle Building program from Jessie!

Random thoughts on the program:

* 4 sets of 15 is KILLER and so much different than doing 3 sets of 10!!!

* Eating this much food really hasn't been that bad so far. I do feel a little bit fluffier in my mid section but I also feel stronger when I am lifting at the gym.

* Phase 2 I will drop my carbs some... thank goodness 

* Speaking of fluffy. My jeans were kind of tight this morning but it is okay... I trust Jessie.

* I haven't weighed since Sunday!!! That's a new record for me I think... I don't plan on weighing until Friday the 29th when I finish the 1st phase.

* Some of the workouts I have had to google because I have never heard of them before.

* The workouts I had to google, OUCH!! They are working new parts of my body I don't think I have ever worked before.

* I am freaking SORE and I LOVE it.

* Caleb likes to tell his friends that his mom is a Jessie's Girl (haha too cute)

* Next week I will start upping my weights so this week I went kind of light.

*Wednesday I went to bed at 7pm because I have been so worn out.

* Week 1 on the program is to ease yourself into working out and macros. Since I have already been doing both, I decided to start on week 2 instead... so really this is the end of week 2 but I have only been doing it one week so, yeah it can get confusing.

* I am excited that next week we get to change it from 4 sets of 15 to 4 sets of 12

* The HIIT cardio isn't too bad, 20 minutes goes by really quickly!

* Next week I am adding in Birthday Cake Protein Blondies to my meal plan... I will post that this weekend or on Monday!

* The group of girls I have access to now that I am a Jessie's Girl is AMAZING!!! They are all so motivating and super sweet.

* I plan on taking weekly progress photos every Sunday, since I wont be on the scale this month

* I plan on not cheating this phase 1, I leave for Georgia Friday the 29th in the afternoon so I will be having a couple of cheat meals here and there April 30th and May 1st. But going to try and keep them to a minimum.

* My end date of this program will be on June 26th!!!

* Casey loves to sing "Jessie's Girl" randomly throughout the house!!!

Bring on week 2... or actually week 3, but whatever!!


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