Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Caleb's 7th Birthday

My little buddy is SEVEN!!!

Wednesday we let him skip school, because who likes to go to school on their birthday?! We had breakfast with Grammy (to drop off Dax for the day), then made a trip out to Legoland and finished off the day with some Mexican food for a late lunch.

I wouldn't let him say he was 7 until 5:50pm on the dot... he was highly annoyed on me!

Then on Friday, we had his 1st ever slumber party!!! Let me just say, I am still exhausted from this sleepover. EXHAUSTED!!! I invited 14 boys and we ended up having 8 of them show up. I really thought only 3-4 would show up but I guess when you have a free sitter for a Friday night, you accept! I mean, I would!

Having a pool in our backyard helped pass the time. I let Casey hang out with them while I cleaned up the mess in the house... which just got messier when they came back in.

I never knew that Caleb's costume collection would come in handy like this before. They LOVED dressing up and playing superheroes and fighting each other. Please look at Caleb's serious face... he takes being Superman VERY seriously!!!

The boys fell asleep around 12-1am so I thought they would sleep in.. but I was wrong. I went to pick up donuts at 7am and when I came back, they were ALL WIDE AWAKE and ready to eat and play superheroes again... we didn't have plans to leave the house until 10:30am so I had to find stuff for them to do until then. Luckily, it was pretty outside so I sent them out to play while I picked up the house.

I told the parents that I could drive the boys up to the bowling alley where the party would continue. I told them the party was from 11-1 and Flash would be there at 12. No one showed up to help with their boys until the party was over... I guess I should have been more clear. So that meant not only was I trying to throw a party, talk to my family and friends but I was also in charge of 8 little boys because none of the parents showed up for the party. It was a huge bust and I have decided I will never do a slumber party AND a party again... it will be one or the other!

Flash was a HIT at the party! Caleb loved having him there to show off and play with. We had Spiderman at his 5th, Batman at his 6th, Flash at his 7th... I wonder who he will have at his 8th, if he still is in love with superheroes!! I hope he is!!!

After all was said and done, we had an amazing birthday celebration!!! I am glad it is over though, it was exhausting, expensive and I ate WAY too much...

Caleb Scott aka Chubba Bubba,
I hope your 7th year is the BEST one yet. Momma, Case and Daxy love you to the moon, to the moon, to the moon!!!!

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