Friday, September 16, 2016


Today is #FlexFriday y'all!! Let me see what ya got...

I also went ahead and took my weekly progress photos today because we are going on a date tonight and I am counting this as my cheat meal. My mouth is watering thinking about my cheat meal... that is when I know I need to indulge in my craving and get right back on track. If I don't, I will end up binge eating and throwing all my progress out the window.

Remember, one meal wont make you fat just like one workout wont make you fit.

This is from August 29 to today September 16.
I have lost 8.6 pounds - still have a ways to go before getting down 178.8 (what I weighed on Dax's first birthday) but I am getting there. Right now I am averaging 2.86 pounds a week, so that's pretty awesome. I know it will slow down as I put on more muscle though, so I am not too worried what the scale says. I am trying to go more on my weekly photos and my inches.  
Speaking of inches, I re-measure inches with my trainer on October 10th

Oh and guess what I am doing tomorrow for brunch... meeting up with local Jessie Girls!!! I am so stoked!!! Next week I will make sure to blog about the brunch and about all the wonderful women I meet. Fitness doesn't always have to be hardcore all the time, it can also be fun. Meeting likeminded people will help your journey become more fun. I am STOKED!!! Bring on the Jessie's Girls!!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!


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