Monday, September 19, 2016


Twenty-Two is the magic number with my trainer.

When lifting, he tells me to do 22 reps... or however many I can do. If I cant do 22 all at once, I do as many as I can, rest 10 seconds and try to finish out the 22.

The first week, I was having to stop and rest for the 10 seconds so I could get the full 22. Last week (my 2nd week) I was starting to get the full 22 each time. I was feeling like a beast and so proud of myself...

Then today happened.
(start of week 3)

Today was REALLY hard. I had to stop and rest for 10 seconds on almost everything so I could get the full 22. Some of the machines, even with the rest, I couldn't get the full 22. After a few rounds, I started feeling a bit defeated and I think Russell could see it on my face. Then, he told me that he upped the weights.

Awww, makes tons of sense!!!

Right now I am very happy that I have a trainer because if I was working out on my own, I would have never upped my weights. I would have never done 22 reps. I would have actually lowered my weights so I wouldn't have to struggle or feel defeated. Working out with Russell is challenging me and I know it is going to really help me build muscle way quicker than I ever could on my own.

I will admit, I am SORE already!!!
But... I didn't die!!!


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