Monday, April 8, 2013

1/2 way done with Insanity

Casey and I have finished month 1 of Insanity... actually we have finished 5 weeks and tonight we will start month 2 (Max). I am very excited and nervous all at the same time to start month 2 but I know it will be very beneficial. Casey and I decided to hold off on posting photos until after we have completed all 63 days so instead, I am going to list out a few things we have noticed about ourselves this past month.

1. Casey has lost almost 15 pounds and I have lost about 3... (ugh, boys!)
2. Casey and I both have lost 1 size in our jeans!!!
3. My knee has never been stronger
4. Casey's stomach is MUCH flatter
5. My back is shrinking
6. My thighs are also smaller
7. I have been able to start running again thanks to #3
8. Casey has realized that eating Taco Casa is not a good thing to do after a month of eating clean and doing insanity... talk about a upset tummy
9. We both have become so much closer being able to workout together everyday
10. Insanity is well bananas and SO worth it.

We both are looking forward to month 2! Here is to losing another size in my jeans because I can hear summer calling and my shorts are so close to fitting...

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