Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bible Study

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I started a new bible study called "Love to Eat, Hate to Eat". We just finished week 3 and tonight I will start reading chapter 4. I have to say, the past 3 weeks of my life have been totally different but in a good way. Here is how and why...

Before I started the bible study I was obsessed with how I look, what the number is on the scale and how I compare to other women. You have to admit (if you are a woman) that you have been guilty of at least one of these if not all. It is hard to come out and admit but I know that admitting it is one of the 1st steps. I always thought that if I looked a certain way, weighed a certain number or was the prettiest girl in the room that life would be GRAND. No matter how hard I strive for perfection, my hardest was never enough.

When my friend BB told me about this bible study, I was hesitant. I mean seriously, why would God want to hear me whine more about my obsession. I have prayed to him so many times to make me thin, make me pretty, make me 135 pounds and it has never happened... so why should I start a bible study? God has more important things to deal with then my relationship with food and the scale. However, BB caught me during the time of the month when I am very sensitive and so I agreed to go. What did I have  to lose beside and hour of my time. I went into the bible study thinking, okay I am going to sit here and then leave and then just tell BB that I have "stuff" to do the next week. God on the other hand had a VERY different plan...

The past couple weeks, God has tugged on my heart more then I have ever noticed him tugging before. He has opened my eyes up to see that my obsession is important to him and that he wants to hold my hand through it all. I have learned that no matter if I gain 30 pounds or lose 30 pounds, God still loves me... he always has and always will. I have learned that if I pray every morning before I leave my house for God to help remind me to give him Glory before I eat and for him to take the "I am hungry and want a cake" thoughts away from me when I have them, that he will help me. I have learned that when you hand a problem over to God, the weight on your shoulders is lifted and you don't feel like you are drowning anymore. It sounds so easy but it has been so hard for me to realize all of this. We all bare our own burdens, something that come easy to me may be something very hard for you...

I want you to remember something, something I am going to try and repeat to myself every single day... Nowhere in the bible does it talk about being thin! Nowhere! The bible talks about taking care of your temple (your body) so my journey of working out and eating clean/healthy will continue so that I can make sure I am as healthy as I can be, but the obsession to be thin and the obsession to be a certain number on the scale is slowly starting to fade from the picture for me. Thanks be to God.

One more shout out, thank you to a dear friend of mine (Ali G) for sending me this photo... Its something that EVERY woman should read and remember!!

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