Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Strong is the new skinny

I always thought my dream was to be skinny, but I have realized the past couple years that I rather be fit then skinny! I have a few skinny friends who I could run circles around (with a bum knee), who I can lift way more then, and stay active a whole heck of a lot longer... Being skinny is great and all but being fit is so much better in my book.

Doing Insanity this past month has helped me achieve my goal even more, I have never felt stronger in my entire life... even when I was 30 pounds smaller! This next month of Insanity is only going to put me that much more closer to my overall goal. Last night Casey and I had to redo our fit test AND do our 1st Max workout... wow! We both gave the fit test our hearts and souls and then had to dig deep and give what we had left to our 1st Max workout. It was brutal to say the least but I know it was so worth it.

Below are mine and Casey's results from the fit test. We both feel so much stronger then we did on day 1. We both can see a change in our bodies and we are both able to see more and more muscles starting to become defined. LOVE IT!!!

***I have to modify a few things to do my knee so instead of Power Jumps, I squat it out. And instead of Push-Up Jacks, I just do Push-Ups. ****

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