Friday, April 12, 2013

5 dinners 1 hour

I have to share a great site with you all. A friend I had a while back was a member of this site and introduced me to it. I stopped using it because most of the meals were not as healthy and clean as I wanted them to be. The other night when I was going through recipes while I was making our grocery list, I found one of these menus and figured I would check out the site again... I am so happy I did because they now have a clean eating meal plan (and a gluten free meal plan too)!!!

I just signed up for my 3 month membership, which is $15! With the membership, you get 4 weeks worth of 5 meals with a list of ingredients and how to make them. The idea is to buy everything on Saturday or Sunday and then take an hour out of your day and prepare all of your meals and put them in the fridge so that throughout the week, you can just take the meal out and cook it.

As a single mom of an infant, this came in handy because I hated spending time cooking every night... I felt like I was taking that time away from Caleb as a baby. I would do it all on Sunday while he napped or was at his Dad's and then during the week I would pop our meals into the oven and played with him while it cooked.

Now as a soon to be wife and mother of a 3 1/2 year old active boy, this will come in handy every day! I will be able to enjoy the park by our house while our food cooks. I will be able to workout with my fiance while dinner is in the oven... or even those days I am at a work function or just feel like "clocking out" and giving Casey all the house chores, he will be able to pop the meal into the oven instead of running out to get fast food.

Okay you have read all about why I love this site so I guess I better give you the site so you can fall in love with it like I have!

Check it out and let me know how you like it, why you like it or even why you don't like it.

Tip - we eat a lot of left overs so I don't always make all 5 meals. I will usually pick my top 2 or 3 off the list and just make those... this helps the menu last longer too! Oh and they have a sample menu on the page so you can see what all the hype is about before you buy it.

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