Thursday, April 25, 2013


I have been MIA the past couple weeks, I get in moods where I just do not feel like blogging and then one day it hits me and I am drawn back in... today is that day.

A lot has happened since I have last blogged, good and bad. Lets start with the bad... this past Monday, I was carrying my 40+ pound sleeping child out to the garage and I stepped down off the 6 inch step that goes out in our garage and lost it. My ankle twisted, my knee twisted, and I dropped Caleb. This isn't the 1st time I have dropped him, Mom of the year right here! I have replayed it in my head a few 100 times to figure out what happened and I just really have no clue. My knee turned out to be okay, it is swollen and sore but it is okay. My ankle is sprained and my hand (from where I caught myself) is bruise really bad. Caleb is okay too, he was actually really funny during it all. I laid there crying and scared to move my knee, I reached for my phone and started to call Casey... Caleb started to cheer because he thought I was calling the fire department to come and save me (haha). Then I decided to slither (yes, like a snake) down the hall to the living room. Caleb slithered the whole way with me and cheered me on... I just love that kid. Since I sprained my ankle and my knee is swollen, I am out of Insanity for a while (ugh) and staying out of the gym for the rest of this week. I plan on going back next week to the gym and doing upper body and core work and if I feel up to it, I might do the bike or elliptical. I am hoping to start Insanity back again the following week.

I mentioned that good things happened also... the 1st good thing that happened was that after much discussion between Casey and myself, I am going back to my trainer Lo!!!! I couldn't be more thrilled about this. We now live closer to her, we have merged our money so our budget isn't as tight as it was, and I am in need of being around someone who believes in me and wont let me give up (Lo)! I have spoke to Lo and we are going to focus on getting my head back in the game because lets face it, if your head isn't in the right place, you can lose all the weight you want but you will play a game of yo-yo going back and forth with losing it and gaining it... trust me I know! I start back with Lo the week of May 15, yippie!!!

2nd good thing that happened to me... I bought a wedding dress!!!! Well, my parents surprised me and bought it for me (Thanks Mom & Randy) but none the less, it is MINE!!! It is hanging up in my guest room closet as we speak. It is the most beautiful dress I have ever seen and the back of it is just STUNNING! I wanted to buy a size 12 wedding dress so badly, when I went dress shopping I quickly learned that dresses run 2 sizes smaller, stupid right?! So in order for me to leave with a "real" size 12, I would have to buy a wedding dress size 16 (hope I haven't lost you). I use to be a size 26 so I would have had to have a gown custom made to fit me but now that I am a 12/14, I could walk in and buy something off the rack. It was mind blowing and I loved it. I actually tried on 2 dresses that were TOO big... Awesome feeling. Anyways back to my story, the dress I fell in love with ended up being a size 14, which is a real size 10! I left the store buying a real size 10 wedding dress. Now here is the kicker... it needed to be a 14 because the 10 didn't zip all the way up. They said that if I do not lose the weight they can add in a lace up back HOWEVER, I will lose the weight and make that sucker zip! I am probably the most determined person you will ever meet in your entire life. When I want something, I will fight tooth and nail to get it done and well I have about 4-6 months to lose a size in clothes and guess what... I will do it!

I hope you have all had a great past couple of days! I will try better to not go so long between blogs...

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