Monday, October 20, 2014

Hey Sugar

Who has a sweet tooth? I do... or did! My one HUGE weakness is sweets. I can pass up breadsticks, chips, appetizers, etc... but if that dessert cart rolls by, well you know where to find me.

I love sweets so much that at our wedding, we served desserts at cocktail hour!


Let me tell you a little story, but no judging. When I was pregnant this summer (with my miscarriage baby) I craved sugar 24-7. I would wake up at 3am begging Casey to go to the store for me. One night I begged him to stop by and buy me a cake on his way home from working the night shift. He stopped, what an amazing husband, and bought me a sheet cake from Albertsons. I was in heaven. (Also with that pregnancy, I couldn't sleep to save my life.) Well this particular night I was wide eyed and ready for the cake the minute he walked through the door... I had a fork ready and everything!! I sat in my bed and chowed down on the sheet cake. No, I didn't eat it all... but I did make a good dent in it. I was obsessed with sugar that pregnancy!!! I am not proud of the sheet cake incident but it happened and now looking back, it is kind of funny... Haha!

When we found out we were pregnant this time around, Casey made a joke about me and the cake and I started to pray that sugar wouldn't be my "thing" this pregnancy. Well, I got my prayer/wish. For the past 2 weeks, if I eat a bite of sugar I am sick to my stomach within minutes. I had a fun-sized pack of M&M's Saturday and started to feel like I needed to throw up. Sunday I had HALF a donut... HALF... and I was crying in the fetal position not even 5 minutes later. I even threw away a s'more the other night at my nieces birthday party because one bite and my stomach was doing flips. Yall, I freaking LOVE s'mores. This is a BIG deal.

This was RIGHT before I chunked it across the yard. I had to take a picture to make my bestie jealous... it is our thing! Love ya Mandy!!

So, it is safe to say I will be staying away from sugar for the next couple weeks (maybe months). Hopefully this will help with my weight. I know I will gain but hopefully since sugar makes me sick to my stomach, I wont be gaining as quickly! A girl can hope!

With Caleb, my 5 year old, I craved meat platters. You know like the ones you take to a party? I was in love with all kinds of meat and could not get enough protein!This time around, I am not really craving anything so far... but it is safe to say sugar is NOT on the list!

Bring on the veggies & fruit!!!


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