Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Pregnancy Update

Most of you know I had some spotting this past Sunday. Coming off a miscarriage a couple months back, seeing the blood really freaked me out. We were out to eat and then going to run some errands. The minute I came out of the bathroom and told Casey what happened, he was ready to take me home and have me lay down.

Later that night I had some more spotting, pink this time and it was gone after a couple wipes. I was nervous but knew pink wasn't as bad as red. Maybe this is just a fluke.

I went to bed that night and just started praying.

I prayed for this baby to latch on and not to let go.
I prayed for the spotting to stop.
I prayed that in 7-8 months I would be able to hold our sweet baby.
I prayed that this baby would take after Casey in so many ways...
Slow to anger
Kind hearted
Quiet yet outgoing
and the list could go on and on...
But I prayed that the baby would take after me in one area...
I prayed this baby would be a FIGHTER!!

I want this baby to fight for its life. Fight for a chance to meet us. Fight to become a baby sister or brother. To just fight to hold on and not let go.

I laid there and prayed and to be honest, I haven't stopped praying over this baby since that moment. I am very anxious for our sonogram on Friday and I pray that we see/hear the heartbeat. The doctor did say if we do not see/hear the heartbeat, she will bring us in the next week and try again. Fingers crossed!!!

The spotting has stopped after turning brown Monday morning. I have been told to take it easy the next couple days, no lifting, no straining, pelvic rest, and to kick back and put my feet up... so that is what I have been doing. It is killing me not to pick up Caleb, but he is being a sport about protecting his sissy... he swears its a girl!

Thank you all for the sweet words and prayers you are send our way! I will keep you updated on the progress and of our appointment.


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  1. I do remember spotting early on in my pregnancy, so hopefully it's nothing to worry about.