Thursday, October 9, 2014

Thrive update

When I decided to buy Thrive, my trainer told me to give it a good week to 2 weeks before making a judgment if it was good or bad. That is exactly what I decided to do... and I wanted to be the guinea pig for all of you. Here is my update after 1 week.

I wont lie, the 1st couple days I was not a fan... I was exhausted and was wanting to eat everything (mainly out of boredom). The only thing I found helpful, was the shake. That drink is magic and makes you pooh. Well, it does for me and that is HUGE since I have horrible problems in that area. I am now going regularly and I don't feel as bloated.  Or as my husband says, I am no longer full of crap!

After a couple days, I started to realize that I had more energy. I am starting to feel like my old self again. I have made it to the gym every lunch break and I come back to work feeling good instead of wanting to go to bed. That is a huge change!

I have also noticed that my knee has not been hurting me. If you have followed me this past year, you know I have horrible problems with my right knee. I have had 2 major surgeries and even had to re-learn how to walk back in 2012 after my last surgery. I need it replaced! It usually aches SO bad after a leg workout, after a cardio workout, after my period, after it rains, after almost anything... In the past couple days all of those things happened and my knee was not achey at all!!! I am not saying Thrive will replace my knee replacement, but it might buy me some more time with the knee I have now!!!

The past couple of days I realized Thrive has also helped me not want to eat everything in sight. I have to remind myself to eat every couple hours where as before I was eating just to not be bored. I guess now that I have more energy I am busy living life and not worrying about just sitting on the couch eating!!!

Anyways, so far I give Thrive a 7 out of 10. It is helping in many areas of my life, mainly with my depression and being able to feel live again. I am going to continue to blog about my experience and I am always here if you have any questions.

If you want to try it yourself, check it out at this link...

I am not here to sell it or make a business out of this... I am here to help you through my journey! If I find something that works for me, why not share the good news with you guys. Even if I help just 1 person, it was all worth something!!!


  1. I was looking into this but the website is not very clear on what u r buying. I see you bought the lime green one but which option did you choose and what did it come with? Thanks!

    1. I bought the women's product with DFT. That will provide you will a month worth of capsules, the patches (DFT) and the shakes (you drink one every other day). If you need to email me please feel free...