Friday, January 8, 2016

House Update

You guys!!!! We close on our house in SEVEN days!!! SEVEN!!!!!

Nope, I am not one bit excited or anything at all.

To be honest, this whole process has been very smooth and easy going. I usually stress over this kind of stuff but once we were approved, the stress went away. For me at least, Casey has been on pins and needles. He wants to close NOW!

Over the holidays underwriting had a few questions about our child support and a rent payment we wrote a check for, we explained it in an email and everything was cleared. Easy! Then we received an email last week telling us everything is perfect with underwriting, our mortgage company was waiting for a new survey that included our pool (go ahead be jealous, I will wait, haha) and then we were good to close.

Yesterday we received an email from our Realtor letting us know that closing is set for 3pm on Friday the 15th. EEK!!! I work part-time and didn't want to take off that day so we asked for an afternoon closing. We set up an appointment to have a final walk through Thursday the 14th (Dax will be 7 months that day) and Caleb gets to go with us. He hasn't been inside the house yet and is very anxious to see his new room.

So now, we wait for next Friday to get here. I think it is going by VERY quickly and Casey said it is dragging on. I just remind him that he made me wait 13 months from engagement to wedding so he can just shut up! Haha!

Next step after we close... have New York style pizza in our empty house to celebrate!

Then we will start our remodel. This is the part I am most excited about. I want to re-do the kitchen, we need to re-tile the shower in our bathroom, update all of the trim and doors in the house, paint the fireplace, paint the boys rooms, hang plank panels in our room and bathroom, update the laundry room AND... MY CRAFT ROOM!!!!!

I will make sure to blog about everything as we do it. I am SO excited!!!

I hope you all have a FANTASTIC weekend!


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