Thursday, January 21, 2016

House Update!!!

No pictures yet... sorry!!! But if you are interested, here is the latest house update!!!

Tomorrow will be one week since we closed and wow, I feel like its already been a month! We have made a list of things we would like to do in the house before moving in mid March and I think I might have bit off more than we can chew... we will see how it all plays out.

Friday night we started painting Dax's room. The trim/baseboards in the ENTIRE house are brown. They are UGLY! We decided to paint them all white. This is the biting part I was talking about a bit ago. You have to tape it all off, prime it, then paint 2 coats of the white. IN THE ENTIRE HOUSE!!! We decided to go room by room and step by step... it helps it not seem so overwhelming.

Back to Dax's room... We are adding chair rail to his walls and the bottom half of the wall is gray and the top half white. The walls were this khaki color and so painting over them with white has been a chore. I am putting on the 3 coat of white today and praying it is enough. The trim and baseboards are complete in his room. Next step will be to hang his new fan (which I need to go buy) and hang his barnyard closet door (which I need to go buy).

We will also be starting Caleb's room tonight... if the rain holds off! We have found this plywood type board that looks and feels like brick but is very light weight. We are going to hang it on one wall and the other three walls I am going to paint a silhouette of a city. His room is done in superheroes right now, so I think it will look awesome. Plus it is something he can grow with the next couple years. Oh and we need to do his baseboards, replace his doors (they are a hideous brown hollow type doors) and hang his new fan (I already bought his).

For our room we are painting it this pretty sea foam green blue color and hanging a pallet wood wall behind our bed. We have started in there some but haven't really been focused on it too much because we want to get the boy's rooms done first. We have picked up all the pallets though... thanks Craig for hooking us up!!!

I think I might paint my front door this weekend... you know, just because! I want to shout to the neighbors... "HEY WE ARE HERE!!!!" Haha! I bought a vinyl outdoor sticker to go on the door that says "Hey Y'all". Oh I cant wait to show you guys all the before and after photos!!!!

Oh and I have been slowly buying stuff for my craft room... shhh don't tell Casey! Seriously this room is my favorite one in the whole house and I am SO excited for sure!!! I will have to post a picture of the rug I bought, it will arrive tomorrow. Lets just say it is FUN, COLORFUL and FLOWERS!!!! #ILoveMyLastName

Okay well that is it for now. About to leave work and headed to the new house to work some more... btw it is very hard to do when you have 2 small kids, one that is sick and stays home 24/7. Thank goodness my mother in law is very hands on and loves to help us out!


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