Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year New Goal Outfit

This past week has been a whirlwind and not because of the holidays... I plan on blogging more about that next week though.
Okay, saving that for next week.
Today I am blogging about my new goal outfit! My last outfit that was hanging in my kitchen was a gray sparkly sweater and a pair of green sleep shorts. The shorts fit me and I love wearing them around the casa. The sweater... well that is a different story. It started fitting me better each day but as I lost weight I realized that the sweater wasn't going to be long enough on me. You see, I am 5'10 so sometimes things don't fall on me where I would like them to. This sweater being one of them. My sister in law LOVES this sweater and is short (haha) so I gave it to her. Sad it wouldn't fit me like I wanted it to but I am glad that it is being loved and worn.
Now onto my new goal outfit. This jacket was purchased off a resale page on Facebook back in October and it didn't fit me at all. I tried to put it on my was scared to rip the back of jacket. It has been hanging in my closet since then. I decided to try it on and it fits my arms... It does zip but holy macaroni it is tight.

My goal is to be in this jacket by the time we go to Vegas (March 16th)!!! I will keep you guys posted every couple of weeks...

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  1. Did you ever try this jacket back on? Does it fit now? Would love to see/hear about it!