Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Isagenix Cleanse - my experience!

Part of my winnings from the Kelsey Byers 12 week Skinny Jean Challenge was a month supply of Isagenix! Kelsey added me to her private group and sent me some information on how to do a perfect cleanse day. She said that she usually does 2 a month, so I figured it would be perfect to do the Sunday after my cheat meals since I only have 2 cheat meals a month. This past Friday was my cheat day and so Sunday I did the cleanse… here are my thoughts on it.

Let me VERY clear… I H-A-T-E cleanses. Like with a passion. I am not a fan of not eating. This girl LOVES food way too much to drink nasty cleanse stuff all day long. But, since I won this stuff I decided I wanted to really give it a good go. And yes, I have tried Beachbody cleanses, they just aren’t for me.
The day starts off with 1 oz. of this drink called Ionix. I am going to be brutally honest, it was probably one of the grossest things I have ever drank in my life… even worse than the Beachbody fiber drink that goes with their cleanse. I dry heaved a little bit and then told Casey I wasn’t sure I was going to finish the cleanse. I looked at the cheat sheet Kelsey sent me and noticed I didn’t have to drink the Ionix again so I decided to keep going.
The thing I LOVE about this cleanse is you eat/drink something every single hour… honestly I wasn’t hungry and I had to set a timer to remind myself to eat/drink the next hour. The rest of the day goes like this… Cleanse For Life (CFL) drink, IsaDelight (sea salt chocolate) and then 2 snacks (basically little wafers that smell like birthday cake, we will get to the taste later on), then you repeat this a few of times.
CFL – I was nervous to drink this after drinking the Ionix. It comes out to be a real purple looking color which can and can’t be scary… It actually was really good and was my 2nd favorite thing of the cleanse. The first drink (you drink it 4 times in one day) I mixed it with 4 oz. of water because I was nervous about the taste, but as the day went on I would mix it with more and more water because I actually enjoyed the taste of it.
IsaDelight – My favorite thing about the cleanse! This is a small square piece of chocolate that has sea salt inside and OH MY GOSH it is so yummy! I would nibble at it and let it melt in my mouth slowly because I wanted to savor every last bite. Having to eat 4 of these in one day was a breeze!!!
Snacks – These smell just like birthday cake. When I opened the bottle I was SO excited to eat them. I ate one and it was okay but it was kind of chalky and the after taste isn’t as great as the smell from opening the bottle. I didn’t have to choke them down or anything but it wasn’t my favorite thing to eat. You eat 2 of these 3 times during the day with an option for a 4th time before bed, I opted out of eating them the 4th time.
Natural Accelerator – You take 2 of these throughout the day, one in mid-morning and one mid-afternoon. These are just capsules (pills) so they really didn’t faze me any.
IsaFlush – Before bedtime, you take 2 of these capsules. They help you go to the bathroom! If you have followed me long, you know I have had problems in that area. Ever since I changed my macros a couple of weeks ago, I have gone almost daily so I am not sure if these capsules helped any or not but I will tell you that Monday morning I was in the bathroom 2 different times. Nothing to bad but I was going!
All in all, the cleanse was a good thing. Eating/drinking every hour didn’t leave me hungry and I didn’t get bitchy or cranky like I have on other cleanses. Plus I got to eat chocolate! I weighed in Monday morning and was down from my weight on Friday and that even included me skipping the gym Saturday (Dax was sick) and my cheat meal on Friday. The only thing I hated about the cleanse was the Ionix drink but since you only drink 1 oz. of it in the morning, I think it is very doable. Casey is planning on doing the cleanse on his off day (Thursday or Friday) this week. I can’t wait to hear what he thinks about it.
My next cheat meal is January 29th and I plan on doing the cleanse again that weekend.

To purchase any of the Isagenix products, check out Kelsey Byers' website www.ilivemyway.com

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