Thursday, January 6, 2011

Backwards Bank Account - New way of looking at weight loss!

Backwards Bank Account:
We've always been taught to save our money if you want to buy the thing you desire. It started back when we were 5, wanting to buy that toy in the window of our favorite toy store! We had to save our birthday and Christmas money just to afford it! Then again when we were 16, and we had to babysit and mow lawns so we could buy our dream car (only to find out the Honda was WAY cheaper so we got that instead)... and its a never ending cycle that will continue on in life!

Well weight loss is NO different! Let me break it down to you...
*The "bank" is your body
*A "deposit" is when you eat
*A "withdrawl" is when you workout
*1 pound = 3500 calories (crazy huh?!)
*Average height (5'7) and weight (130) of a woman will burn about 1600 calories sitting still all day long
*If you are wanting to LOSE weight then obviously you have to burn more calories then you eat.
*The average calorie intake SHOULD be 2000 calories a day (look on the nutrition facts on ANY food!) So, we are going to use that for a base even though your calorie intake might be less or more. For me I eat around 1500-1700 calories a day. If you need help figuring out how many you need, message me and I will help you!

Okay now that we know that major stuff we are ready for our backward weight loss bank account!

Everyday you go to the "bank" and make a "deposit" of $2,000 (average calorie intake). Your "bank" takes $1,600 everyday just for fun, leaving you with $400 at the end of the day. In 9 days your bank account will be at $3,600 (meaning you gained a little over 1 pound).

BUT you can stop this from happening by making "withdrawls" each day!
Monday - Dance 1 hr spending $700
Tuesday - Elliptical 1 hr spending $500
Wednesday - Run/Walk1 hr spending $500
Thursday - Elliptical 1 hr spending $500
Friday - Dance 1 hr spending $700
Saturday & Sunday - Rested
And you do this for 9 days (until the next Tuesday) When you go to make your withdrawal you will be withdrawing $4100 from your "bank".

$400  * 9 days = $3600
$3600 - $4100 = -$500

NEGATIVE IS GOOD!!! That means, you didn't gain weight!!!! If you do this 7 times, you will lose 1pound. Of course there are ways to speed it up:
1. being lower the initial 2000 calorie intake a day.
2. working out longer and harder and not taking two days off at a time.
3. do not sit still for long periods, get up and down more so your body is burning more while you are sitting still.

I hope I didn't confuse anyone, just a fun way of looking at it!!! Let me know if I don't make sense!!!

Have a healthy and happy night!!!

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  1. Sorry its so long, but I had to make sure I got it all in there! I hope some of you girls can make it to the end!!!