Monday, January 31, 2011

I am SELFISH!!!!!

Selfish is sort of a bad word no days. It’s a jab you throw at people who aren’t doing something that will benefit you in the end. It an insult you use when putting down an enemy. All together it’s just a very bad word and no one wants it to be used to describe them!
The average American is awake for 16-18 hours a day. Within those 16-18 hours they are getting  their family up in the morning, feeding  them, getting the dressed, taking kids to school, going into work, solving problems for a boss for 8+ hours, leaving work to go get the kids from school/daycare, getting home, cooking, bathes, and finally bed! To me when you stop and think of it, when do we even have time to be selfish? We are taking care of everyone else around us and not stopping to put ourselves 1st. Yes, I will agree that our kids are VERY important to us and we need to take care of them and make money to do so… but if you don’t care of yourself, how can you take care of them for the long haul?
                I have the luxury right now that I was able to rearrange my schedule so that I can have an hour or 2 of ME (selfish) time!!! I now work 7am – 4pm, go pick Caleb up from daycare and go straight to the gym. The gym is my selfish time; it’s where I go to escape and to think. It’s okay to be selfish sometimes, because if you aren’t going to take care of yourself, then who is going to do it for you?
                If you still feel guilty that you just got off work and you are putting your child in daycare at the gym for one more hour while you workout, just think of it as you are adding years onto your life. The more you work out, the healthier you become; the healthier you are, the more years you add to your life! So think of this “selfish” time as a gift to your children later on in life. They won’t remember the 1 hour a day extra they are in the gym daycare when they are 50 years old, but they will remember how long they had their parents in their lives because they were healthy! You are also giving them the gift of being healthy, because you are teaching them to be “selfish” and to start a routine of going to the gym daily…!
       So my advice for the day: BE MORE SLEFISH!!!!!

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