Tuesday, January 25, 2011

To keep the fat clothes or to not keep the fat clothes? That is the question….

Fat clothes - a pair of pants (probably something with elastic) that you keep shoved in the back of your closet or dresser JUST INCASE you eat too much or go off the deep in and don’t work out for a couple of days or more.
The other day a friend of mine was talking about how she keeps a few outfits a size bigger so that if she gains weight she has a set of clothes to fall back on. I got to thinking about this and to me it seems a bit crazy! Every time I go down a size in clothes (since I got serious about my weight loss) I clean out my closet and donate my “big” clothes. To me, keeping your fat clothes in your closet is kind of like saying “hey, it’s okay if you put on a couple of pounds and slack for awhile!” I think the fat clothes are just hindering you from getting to where you wanna be as quickly as you want to get there. If you know you have a net to fall back on, you are more likely to fall back sooner and stay there longer. If you do not have fat clothes waiting for you in your closet, you are more likely to push yourself harder because you don’t want your new and current size to get tight on you.
If you are constantly going down a size and you don’t want to keep donating your clothes because you can’t afford to buy new ones, maybe try a “Swag Party”!!! Get all your girlfriends together and tell them to clean out their closet and bring all their clothes that are too big or too small that they don’t want anymore. Host a party at your house and put all the clothes in piles according to size and each person can go through the piles and find “new” clothes! This way you’re getting rid of your fat clothes and you are getting new clothes in exchange! I think I might be hosting one of these soon, so keep an eye out for an invite!!!


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