Friday, January 28, 2011

Muscle Soreness

I have been working out a lot here lately and haven’t been getting sore. Not too worried about it because I am still losing weight and inches and every workout I am breaking a sweat to the point I could fill up a water bottle, so I know I am pushing myself. So, you know me and I believe that “google” is the answer to everything in life, so I googled it!!! And this is an article that I came across and wanted to share with my blog followers!
Muscle soreness is not, I repeat, is NOT an indicator of a good workout. Sore muscles the day after does not mean you had an effective workout or productive workout or a results-causing workout. Therefore, NOT being sore the day after doesn't mean your workout was bad, or ineffective, or unproductive, or useless. As far as effectiveness, muscle soreness means nothing.
So then, what's the deal? How come you only get sore some times and not others? How come you used to get sore every time, but now you hardly ever do? Well, it's all pretty simple. Muscle soreness usually occurs when you make your muscles do something that they just aren't used to doing. For example, when you first started working out, that was very likely when you experienced the most soreness. Forget the next day... you were probably sore for the entire next week! But then as your body gradually gets more accustomed to what you're doing, your body gradually experiences less and less muscle soreness until it reaches the point where you are barely sore or even not sore at all anymore the day(s) after a workout.
****So don’t worry if you aren’t sore after a workout as long as you know in your heart of hearts that you pushed yourself 110% and left your blood, sweat and tears out there on the floor! For me, I am going to start worrying about not being sore, the week I stop seeing results and hit a plateau.
Everybody and every BODY is different!

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