Friday, January 7, 2011

Partners in Crime!

Partners in Crime

The President has his Vice President, a Pilot has a Co-Pilot, a Doctor has an Attendant, a Husband has his Wife, and well even Oprah has Gayle! In life, no matter how successful we are at any one thing, it seems we always need to have at least 1 person next to us saying "you got this, don't give up now!"  Why should losing weight be any different?

Michelle (aka my Partner in crime emotionally): August 2009 Michelle decided to start her weight loss journey by using Weight Watchers. She was very nervous at 1st, so I told her I would go with her (since I have been so many times before). I was on bed rest and had a little over 1 month left before Caleb was due. Every week there we sat, "big" Michelle and preggers! I remember the 1st time she got a compliment for losing weight (at least the 1st one I had heard). We were in the hospital room September 21, 2009 waiting for me to deliver Caleb and my Mom looked at Michelle and complimented her right there in front of HUGE PREGNANT me. Two emotions ran over me, 1. I was so happy for her and 2. I was SO jealous! Here I was 265lbs about to give birth to a 9lb baby, and my best friend is melting away! That was my 1st breaking point (I will talk another day about my second big breaking point)!!! After my 6 weeks of healing, I decided I was NOT going to let Michelle beat me (even though it wasn't a race at all, but it was to me). Michelle motivated me more then she will ever know, she kept me going! She was there for me to talk to when I felt like I wanted to give up. She gave me tips on what to do to push myself harder. Our relationship has changed so much now that we are both healthier, and its for the better! I honestly can say if Michelle wouldn't have started her journey before me and then supported me when I started mine, I don't know that I would be where I am today.

Samantha & Lo (aka my Partner's in crime in my workouts): These two women have pushed me to my limits and back, and that was just in one hour of working out!

Samantha: one of my dearest friends who I work out with at the gym. We are so much alike, that it is scary! When I am working out with her, she makes me strive to go harder, go faster, go longer! Example: we have a run/walk program we do on  the treadmill and we decided that the last run cycle we would run for 2 minutes at a 6.5 speed. Well 45 seconds in, she bumps her speed to a 7.0! HECK NO I AM NOT GOING TO LET HER BEAT ME, so I bumped mine up too!

Lo: my trainer/friend who has been down the same road I am going down now. Lo is the type of person who has seen all the holes in the road and knows that  there is a hill ahead, so she pushes you because she knows you can make it! When people workout they don't like to be pushed outside their comfort zone, but to lose weight and tone, you have to be pushed outside that comfort zone and Lo is that person who pushes me! 2 words will sum it up: JUMPING JACKS! I HATE jumping jacks, so guess what Lo makes me do?!...

YOU!!! - Who is your Partner in crime? Do you have one? Do you need one? YES! I am a firm believer that God put us here on this Earth together so we can help each other, and who says that it has to stop when it comes to losing weight? Part of being healthy is having friends and family in your life to be there and to support you. It is so much easier to get up, get your booty to the gym, and push yourself past your limit when you know your friend is standing right next to you holding your hand and saying "you got this, don't give up now!"

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  1. Aww Jordan I love this!!! You know I would not have started my journey to get fit without you introducing me to the gym and showing me around to different exercises I could do! You always go above and beyond Jordana! You even laminated a schedule of machines and the weight needed on each one for me!!! Then you made sure that you went with me as much as possible to help me feel comfortable and to be supportive. I can honestly say that I would not be fit right now if it werent for your help!! I am the healthiest I have been since I was 12!!! lol I love it and i can look in the mirror now and go wow! I can sooo wear this now : ) I love you woman!!! xo