Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Finding love at the gym

I bet you 1 million bucks that most of you who opened this thought that I was going to talk about a guy I met at the gym or maybe even how to meet guys at the gym… WRONG!
I use to HATE going to the gym with a passion. It was such a chore for me and it was just taking up time in my day that I could be doing something else, like eating (lol)! It wasn’t until I got plugged in, that I started to fall in love with the gym. In order to get plugged in, you have to find things that interest you. I have 4 major components that made me fall in love with going to the gym… The 1st thing that did it for me was taking the plunge and getting my 1st trainer, Josh. He was my accountability partner and we had great conversations, both of these things helped my love start to blossom. 2nd thing was the regular kickboxing class that the gym offered. I use to be scared to go into the classes because I didn’t want people to think I was retarded when I couldn’t do something correctly. After going a couple of times, I realized no one was even looking at me and honestly they could care less what I was doing because they were in there for themselves! 3rd thing was running, yep I said running! I HATED running and if you would have told me that in 2010 I would fall in love with it I would have laughed in your face! But here I am now signing up for 5k’s and paying people to let me run! Something clicked one day while I was running, that it is my time to block out the rest of the world and just to think, to pray, to just be 100% silent. When you run, you don’t have to think about what move comes next you just keep putting 1 foot in front of the other and just go into another world, go into your happy place! 4th and last thing that made me fall in love with going to the gym is Cardio Dance Party! I think those 3 words sum it up for anyone who really knows me, but for those of you who don’t I will explain a bit more. I love to dance with a passion, one of the reasons I was a cheerleader in high school (besides getting in free to football games) was because I got to learn new dances and got to stand front and center in front of tons of people and perform them! I miss that part of my life and for the longest time I didn’t have a reason to dance, that is until I found out about Cardio Dance Party with Berns! Now I count down the days until Tuesday at 4:30 and Friday at 7:30 so I can go and destroy some calories while dancing!
If you aren’t in love with going to the gym, start taking classes that peak your interest. If you do this, you will start meeting people that will hold you accountable. If you aren’t ready to take classes maybe try to find a trainer and take a couple of sessions with them to help build your confidence level (let me know if you are interested in trainers, I know a few really good ones I can point you too!). Just find something and get plugged in, because once you are plugged in your love will start to grow and then the gym won’t be a chore, instead it will be a reward!

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