Tuesday, February 15, 2011

2 a days – I think so!

The owner of my company has been so gracious and has given us all free memberships to a gym located a block away from our office in the beautiful downtown Fort Worth! We had a luncheon and talked with our personal trainer, Melissa, today where we signed our paperwork and we should be able to start using the gym tomorrow!!! This means I get to start my 2 a days - Summer 2011, HERE I COME!!!
The only rules to our membership is that we have to take our personal trainers class at least twice a month and we have to use the membership atleast 4 times a month or the money will be taken out of our paycheck to pay for it. 4 times a month, really? REALLY?! I go 4 times a week!!!
Here is my plan: KICK SOME MAJOR ARSE!!!
Monday: Cycle on lunch & train with Lo after work
Tuesday: Power Yoga & Melissa’s class before work & CDP and Abs with Berns after work
Wednesday: Run/walk on lunch (or Boot Camp if I like it) & train with Lo after work
Thursday: Power Yoga & Melissa’s class before work & TKB and Abs with Berns after work
Friday: Cardio Kickboxing on lunch & CDP with Berns after work
Saturday: OFF DAY that is if I am not doing a 5k!
Sunday: Cycle at LW 24 unless I did a 5k on Saturday and then today would be my rest day!

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