Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mirror Mirror on the wall why am I still fat after all?!

Friday I had lunch with a great friend named Brittanie, who is so stinking pretty, tall and slender! Saturday I hung out with my best friend Michelle for a few hours, who is average height and has recently lost 75ish pounds and looks amazing. Saturday night I went out with my new friend Ashley, who is so pretty and has recently lost 40 pounds and is currently working on losing the rest of her weight. All three of these girls are 100% different, each at different spots on their weight loss journey, and none of them have ever met the other. But what you don't know and what they might not even know is that each one of them brought up a GREAT point this weekend, the SAME point... which got me to thinking!!!

You lose weight, you lose inches, you get into smaller clothes but then you glance in the mirror or the next day look at pictures from the night before and all you see is the same fat person that you were before you started this journey. It might not happen every time you glance in the mirror or look at the pictures, but it happens enough to make you start doubting yourself. Is my hard work paying off? Is this really how people see me? Why is it that I am putting all this hard work in and I still see a fatty looking back at me?

Michelle brought up a good point while we were on this conversation, she said that your mind is the hardest thing to change (she saw this on Oprah when Jennifer Hudson was on). Here we are focusing on our eating habits and making sure we get our cardio and weight training in, who has time to add your mind to the mix of things you have to worry about? How do we even go about "working on our minds"? I am a thinker, like someone once said to me "you don't have a mouse running in your head, you have a cat who ate the rat who ate the mouse running in your head!"... my mind goes 90 to nothing and then comes to a sudden halt. How do you work on changing your mind when it comes to see yourself in the mirror or in pictures?

Michelle has a book that has her before and after photos in it and I think that this is key to help change our minds. Every time you look at the mirror or the pictures from the night before and see that fat person starring back at you, pull out the before and after photos. See how far you have come and know that you aren't that person anymore. Remind yourself that you are in smaller clothes, that you have seen a drop on the scale and that the inches you are losing are just adding up. Keep friends around you that are positive, that will step up and compliment you on your weight loss, and that will be honest with you. And if all else fails and you still see the fat person looking back at you, get angry and take your anger out at the gym. Then maybe next time you look in the mirror and the pictures, you might be able to see the beautiful, skinner, healthier person saying "Hi, this is the new me!"

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