Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Bikini Flip Book Idea!!!

Yesterday when it “snowed” I decided that I was not about  to binge eat again… so I rearranged my living room and jumped rope. Yes you read that right, I jumped rope. I cant jump it like normal people, but if I act like I am running then it works. I did 5 sets of 50 jumps, and boy oh boy was I proud of myself! Then Samantha came over and we did an hour of Billy Blanks Taebo. The snow cleared up around lunch time and so at 3pm I decided to not let the boredom set in, I bundled up myself and Caleb and we went to the gym for a hour. Good news: I STAYED ON MY FOOD PLAN AND DIDN’T CHEAT ONCE!!!
                Now on to my flip book idea – A month ago (1st week of January) I had Samantha come over and take my pictures front, right side, back and left side view of me in a size 10 bikini. Then yesterday when we finished up our Taebo, she took them again. We uploaded them to the computer and looked at January pictures side by side with the February pictures we just took, and WOW you can tell such a HUGE difference! I was SO proud of myself that in just 1 month, I have come SO far!!! Sam and I decided that every 1st of the month she would come over and we would take pictures and compare them… making a flip book of my progress!
                If you know me, you know that I am not a shy person at all… so I wanted to share my pictures with you. I mean this is a blog about my journey, right?! And these pictures are a HUGE part of my journey!!! If you are on your journey right now, maybe you can do the same thing and take picture monthly so that when you get discouraged you can look at them and realize that all your hard work is paying off!!!!


  1. You are so right! Big difference in just a month! Woo Hoo! What an awesome idea!

  2. girl you look AMAZING!! i am so proud of you and ALL of your hard work!! you are seriously an inspiration

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