Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Feelin’ like a Movie Star

            As you all know I hurt my back last Wednesday and I haven’t been able to work out since then. Today is Monday and I scheduled an appointment to have my back checked out to make sure that I could start back into it without re-hurting myself. What is the one thing you dread when going to the doctors, if you guess the weighing in part then you win (sorry no prize, just the knowledge of knowing you won)!! Well, the nurse called my name and said “Miss Lassiter, please jump on the scale.” 1st off let me just tell you this, nurses should say “Miss/Mr. __________ (fill in your name here), please get naked and lightly step on the scale…” Jumping on the scale makes it sounds like even more of a chore then it already is, and you all know how I just LOVE to jump (not)! So, I “jumped” on the scale, after taking my light jacket and flip flops off… dreading a gain since I have been off for a week. To my dismay, it was 4 pounds lighter!

            I finally get seated in the room and started my long wait for my doctor, which come to find out it was WELL worth the wait. The Doctor comes in glancing over my chart, looks up with the biggest smiles and says (and no I am not making this up), “OH MY WE HAVE A MOVIE STAR, can I have your autograph?” I laughed nervously not knowing what he was thinking… He then proceeds to compliment me on my weight loss and questions me about what I am doing. I have never had a doctor be proud of me because of my weight, it was a GREAT feeling. He pulls out my chart and since last being there (back in November 2010 for a sore throat); I have lost a total of 33 pounds! That my fellow blog readers is 33 pounds in 3 months, now I know why he wanted my autograph!

            Moral of my story: you never know who you are going to have an impression on so never give up on your journey. Here I am at the tail end of the losing my weight part of my journey and a Doctor is asking me for tips because I have impressed him with my achievements. Do the journey for yourself first and foremost, but always know in the back of your mind that you are not only changing your life but you are changing the people around you if its in your family, people at your job, or even random people you see every day at the gym that you don’t even know! Everyone has a story to tell, go out and tell yours… you might change a life and be asked for your autograph!!!

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