Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The dreaded weigh in

I was NERVOUS to say the least, but I got up on the scale and POOF… 2.2 pounds down! I have never been so happy to see 2.2 before. It wasn’t the 6 pound loss I wanted, but its way better then the gain I thought I was going to have. Now, I am going to put that horrible, dreaded, stupid snow week behind me and move forward because I will be under 179 on my next weigh in (February 21, 2011)! We have a couple of snow days coming up, but this time I come prepared. This time, I am going to stay at my house where I have my food planned out and do not have all the extra junk food there tempting me (like I do at my sister’s house).  I am going tonight after workout and going to rent a few movies that will help take my mind off the boredom. Then when Caleb goes down for his nap each day we are stuck in, I will put in my work out DVD and invite my friend Sam (who lives across the street) over so we can get our cardio in! I have a plan and I am sticking to it this time!!! The snow doesnt come in until tonight at midnight, so I am going to make the most out of today. I am going to Cardio Dance Party after work and then will be running/walking until Caleb's time is up in the daycare. Planning is easy, its sticking to the plan that is hard... so here goes nothing!
I hope that you are all prepared too, just remember this…
Nothing taste as good as skinny feels!!!!

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