Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Race Blanket

2010-2011 was a GREAT year. That was the year I really was focused on losing weight and over that year I fell in LOVE with running. Since I fell in love with running, I started doing 5k's and even did a 10k. Man those were the days, now its all just a memory (stupid knee surgery).

I have always wanted to make a blanket out of all my race shirts and finally with the help of Pinterest, I have started to do just that!!! I am about 50% done right now and hoping to be 100% done by this weekend. Its a big job for a single mom who works 40 hours and has something to do almost every night, BUT I am willing to take on the task.

It was hard to start because it meant I had to cut up my favorite 16 shirts... some of which I wear as sleep shirts and some I still wear in every day life. I wont lie, I did cry a little inside as I started cutting. Once you start cutting, there is no turning back. With each shirt I cut, I told Casey the story behind that run... that is really when all the emotions surfaced. Remembering certain runs with great friends like BB - when she ran circles around me, literally. Ashlie - When I was suppose to make us tutus and didn't. Julie F. - when we ran with all those good looking firefighters. Julie A. and Elizabeth - when we ran my very last run together and we showed up late but did it anyways. Sarah R. - when I spent the night with her in Houston and then drove to Austin just to run and drove home muddy. Kristy and Sarah T. - when we weren't allowed to push our strollers in the race and they took one for the team and let me run while they pushed Caleb around TTU. Aunt Dee and Patricia - both of their 1st 5K's the weekend of Mother's Day! Michelle - when we did the night run except for it was bright as day outside and then we ran into my step dad. Kristy, Christy and Nancy - when we all dressed up in camo and kicked some butt at the warrior dash (my last time). And my all time favorite was when I was finishing up my 10k and at mile marker 6 my amazing trainer who has always believed in me and never let me give up (Lo) was standing there waiting to run it in with me. Yes, I am crying right now in case you are wondering. All those girls I just listed (plus a lot more) always (and still do) believe in me and they are part of the reason I stayed motivated. With every run I did I just got better and better...

Fun fact: The blanket starts off with a shirt that was a XL and a race time of over 52 minutes!! The blanket ends with a shirt that is a M and a race time of less than 33 minutes! Over the course of 1 year I was able to go down 3 sizes in my shirt and almost 20 minutes in time. Man what I wouldn't give to run just one more race, but that would just leave me wanting to do just one more...

Here is a picture of my shirts all sewed together. I am working on the back of the blanket and then have to finish it up with the binding. I will write again when its complete.

Oh and guess what... maybe I cant run a 5k anymore but I have been talked into walking one! My wonderful job is paying our fees for the Trick or Trot run on November 3rd and a lot of my co-workers are running and/or walking in it. So I have decided to do it too! It might take me an hour (or more) to finish it but at least I will be finishing it and not sitting on the couch... Say a prayer for my knee!

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