Thursday, February 7, 2013

1 month progress reports

January 7th Casey and I decided to wake up from the winter hibernation we had been in since after my Christmas party in early December. We took pictures of ourselves (front, back, right side and left side) and decided that every 7th of the month we will re-take the photos. Today is the 7th so today is our 1st monthly progress report for 2013.

This past month, I think we did fairly average. I would probably give us a 80 on our report card... I was shooting for 100, but aren't we all?! We had some slip ups on weekends, those seem to be our downfalls. Then there was the stupid flu that kicked my booty... All in all though, we both can tell a difference in our appetites, in our pictures, in our clothes and on the scale! We are armed with a full monthly menu for this next month (even for on the weekends) and we plan to make month 2 even better than month 1.

He lost a total of 5 pounds this month!!! His goal for March 7th is to lose 8 pounds.
His thoughts while looking at his photos were:
1. He could tell a difference in his stomach from the side view, it doesn't hang over his pants as much.
2. His waist has gone down  
3. His shoulders and back have gone down
4. He struggled at the start of the month on eating fewer calories but now his body has adjusted and he is getting full off what I pack him every day.
5. After binge eating on the weekend, hitting up the gym is HARD and he doesn't want to have to keep restarting so the weekends are going to have to stop being "bad" for us.
6. Oh my gosh, I have a bald spot and its getting worse... why didn't you tell me?! (HA HA)


I lost a total of 5.6 pounds this month and my goal is to lose 8 pounds by March 7th.
My thoughts on my photos this morning were:
1. I really like my green sports bra better than the white one.
2. I kind of miss my long hair
3. Man my right boob is bigger than my left... ugh!
4. Oh wow, look at my stomach from my side views, you can really tell a difference
5. I can kind of tell a difference in the width of my back, man I need to work on those side boobs/back fat
6. One day my thighs will not touch... one day!
7. Weekends are going to WAY more strict this month, you got that Casey?!
8. I think I might go buy more colorful sport bras! Ha ha

We both still have a LOT of progress to go but it is a start! Oh and month 2, we have partnered up with a couple that we are friends with and shared our monthly menu and workout plans with them. They have agreed to a fun little competition... I love to compete! You are going down Mandy and Zach (on the scale that is, lol)

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