Thursday, February 21, 2013


Since I have last blogged, a lot of things have happened... I have been swamped at work, hence why I haven't blogged in a while. Here is a list of the things that have happened...

1. Casey finally got a new job where I work!!

2. We started using bountiful baskets - umm if you don't know what this is, go look it up. I loved my 1st basket so much that we signed up for week 2 and I am anxious to pick it up on Saturday. We tried leeks for the 1st time and Casey and I both love them. (

3. We found a new house and picked up the keys!!! Time to get moving (that is a workout all by itself and then add in a 3 year old, the workout becomes doubled).

4. I have lost another 2 pounds... Holla! Can't wait until our monthly weigh in with pictures coming up on March 7th.

5. OH... CASEY PROPOSED!!!! Yep you read that right... WE ARE ENGAGED!!!!! I have prayed and prayed for this man my entire life and he is finally here and we are finally getting married. I am ever so excited. He is my everything (next to Caleb of course) and mine and Caleb's lives are SO much better with him being a part of everything!! To read mine and Casey's love story you can visit our wedding website at:

We are getting married on Saturday March 1st, 2014. We each picked a day that fell on a 2nd or 4th weekend, because we couldn't get married without making sure we have Caleb that day! I picked October 15th, 2013 and he picked March 1st, 2014. We did a coin flip and he won, plus the venue I wanted was already booked for my date so, March 1st, 2014 it is then. That means I have a year to lose this 20-30 pounds I have gained since knee surgery plus tone up a lot. I want to look killer in my wedding dress. I want to be the BEST possible me that I can be mentally and physically for Casey... he deserves it. Plus I want him to be able to pick me up and carry me across the threshold, he can pick me up now but I feel like I am breaking his back.

Our engagements are right around the corner (April 7th) so that means I have a month and a few days to really whip it into shape and fit into my dress I plan on wearing. Since my ring, I have been making sure I am sticking to my meal plan 110%, I have made it to the gym daily and even tried to get a night workout in (time permitting). Help keep me motivated, send me words of encouragement, ask me to help you out (that motivates me), send me old pictures of myself or even sexy wedding dresses... Operation: Wedding Dress has started!!!

(My new shirt - except it will be dark gray with yellow writing... my wedding colors)

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