Friday, February 8, 2013

The weekend is upon us

Weekends are my weakness. I always go into them thinking I am going to do good and then by 4 p.m. Friday (when I get off) I am bound for disaster! Why you might ask? Well, just because! I guess I feel like I worked so hard the past 5 days what is 2 days of relaxing going to do? I will tell you what it does... it totally erases all my hard work from the previous week. It is so much easier to gain weight then it is to lose it. I am bound and determine to stop this cycle once and for all...

This weekend has already started (sorta) for me. Today my group (all of us girls anyways, the boys are out of town) celebrated Kristy's birthday at Pappadeauxs (a local sea food restaurant). Sea food is a great choice if you are trying to pick healthy, UNLESS you hate sea food... which I do! The only thing they really had was fried crap from the kids menu or a huge pasta dish. Even the salads had fish in them... YUCK! I ended up being a pain (kinda) and built my own salad off an existing one on the menu. I chose a chopped salad with grilled chicken, avocado, eggs, bacon bits, no cheese and no dressing. I left satisfied and proud of my decision.

Our fridge is stocked with groceries and I am armed with a menu and grocery list for next week. I will probably go ahead and go grocery shopping tonight since I have no plans and Casey is at work. We will not eat out once this weekend, I promise you this! We have plans to attend a cheer competition for my niece, but we will be taking our snacks with us. We also have plans to watch my nieces and take them out for Valentine's Day and guess what... we will be eating at home and taking snacks with us where ever we go.

This weekend will NOT get the best of me... I promise myself this!

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