Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Its been a while...

Its been awhile since I have last blogged because I had the stupid flu! It was NO fun at all and I don't wish that on anyone.... okay maybe on my worst enemy but that is it! Ha!

I started feeling better over the weekend but did not feel up to grocery shopping. Casey did not offer to head up to Albertson's either... so we ate fast food almost all of last week and the weekend. I finally was strong enough to put my foot down Sunday night and put a stop to the madness! Monday I was armed with a grocery list and a weekly menu. Good news is that we are now back on track (with food and our workouts)! Man I hate being sick!

Our meal plan this week:
Breakfast - 2 Eggs with a piece of oatmeal toast
Snack - Fiber Bar
Lunch - Turkey Wrap with Veggie chips
Snack - Orange
Dinner - Grilled salsa chicken, brown rice and black beans
Snack - Protein Powder

I hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy, remember to take your vitamins! I just started taking 2 vitamin c and 1 One A Day vitamins. I plan on staying healthy, because when I am healthy, my cute little family stays on track and if we are ever going to reach our goals... we need to stay on track!!!

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