Monday, February 11, 2013

Woke up with pride!

I have to say, a weekend of no cheating leaves you with a LOT of pride come Monday morning. I was 98% perfect this weekend, the 2% slack was a diet coke I had yesterday (go ahead and yell at me Jamie, lol). Even though I had my diet coke, I still made sure I drank ALL of my water plus some more. The scale really wasn't my friend over the weekend but it was okay this morning but my pants fit a lot better  because I was not bloated from all the junk I usually eat over the weekend.

This weekend I not only stayed on track with my eating, but I also had the privilege of helping my friend, Mandy, start a new lifestyle change for her and her family. Mandy reached out to me the other day about wanting to lose about 100 pounds and asking me where to start. I sat down right then and there and made her out a menu for the next 4 weeks, along with grocery list to go with each week. I decided that Casey I would be using the same menu and grocery list too. Yesterday I met Mandy up at our local Wal-Mart and we went to town on buying her meals. I showed her how to compare brands and that even if some boxes say "NO FAT" doesn't mean its the best for you. For example, some fiber bars we were looking at said "EVEN MORE PROTEIN"... well, 1. We are looking for fiber bars, we already have our protein in check. and 2. When we checked the back, the fiber bars we bought had more protein in them AND less sodium! People, don't forget to look at the nutritional value column... its there to benefit you! After we checked out she thanked me and said that if I hadn't of been there she probably would have had a lot more JUNK in her basket. Its all about being held accountable. Do you have an accountability partner?

All in all, I feel great going into this week. I am going to conquer everything thrown at me... even stupid Valentine's Day! Cheating is NOT worth my tears when I weigh myself. I will lose this weight I gained form my knee surgery... I will!

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