Tuesday, February 12, 2013

TBL Recap

Last night's TBL was so good! 1st and foremost, I love love love the jump suits the contestants had to wear while running in the ice rink. I kind of want one and by kind I mean I do! So cute. I am very very proud of Danni for beating everyone to win the prizes and then to have a HUGE heart and give them away to the other players. Such a sweet girl she is!

The challenge of desserts would have been BAD for me. I am a SWEET eater... speaking of sweets my Mom sent Caleb chocolate for Valentine's Day and I ended up eating 3 chocolate covered Oreos last night. Ugh! I had to bring the rest to work so that I wouldn't eat it. I am a huge chocolate fan. Okay, back to the challenge... I think since everyone was all in one room together with the lights off, I would have pulled a Danni and probably started working out instead of eating. Now, if the lights were on and I was in there alone, man that would have been a different story. EVERYTHING would have been gone... off my table, plus some. I need to listen to one of those tapes at bedtime telling me how bad sugary treats are for me!

The workouts were as always, amazing! I say I wish I could workout with one of the trainers for 1 day but I know I would probably end up crying, throwing up and/or passing out. I love how through a workout the contestants have break through... if you think that is all scripted for TV, think again. I have had that happen to me a couple of times, just ask Lo. I remember one day we didn't workout at all, instead I ended up crying and pouring my heart out to her about my fears of letting everyone around me down. About how I feel like I have to be 110% perfect and on top of everything or I will disappoint everyone. It was so nice to actually be able to admit that to someone and have that weight taken off my shoulders. I am sure each of you are holding on to something that is holding you back... get that baggage out in the open and free yourself from the burden of carrying it around with you.

The weigh in was intense. If you cant tell, I am team Danni... having to sit there and watch her stress about falling below that yellow line was crazy. I hated that Mike had to leave but super happy it wasn't Danni. We all know when she falls below that line, she is out of there! I think she has a GREAT chance to win it all.

As always, TBL has left me wanting more and wishing it was next Monday so I could see the next episode already! I hope each of you have a wonderful week and remember that weight loss isn't all about the gym... its about the food you do and do not eat and its about the baggage you carry around with you!

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