Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Marking off goals!!!

A blog from the scale whore (Lo, if you are reading just stop… lol)

I FINALLY DID IT!!! I have wanted to cross off my next goal for over a month now. In July, I thought I was going to do it but then would never get below 176. I finally hit 175.8 last week and boy oh boy, I was SUPER excited!!!

This morning (like every morning – Lo I said stop reading, I know how much you hate me weighing myself daily) I weighed myself… I was expecting something in the 175’s. My 2nd goal on my mirror was for me to hit 175.0 and even though I have been close, it hasn’t happened yet. Well this morning it did, plus some! Well, just look at the picture below!!!
I ran to my craft room, found a marker and ran back to my bathroom and MARKED THAT GOAL OUT!!!!

My next goal is to hit 164.4 (the lowest I have ever been as an adult) by my 28th birthday (which is August 22, that is 15 days away). I know that is a HUGE stretch but I love challenges, they keep me pushing forward.

Time to give it hell!!!

I can’t wait to cross off the 164.4lb goal so I can write 3 more goals up there (and cross those off too)!

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