Thursday, August 1, 2013

July Success

Hey yall, another month is over for 2013 and I am really excited about that! August means my son is home for good, my fiancés birthday, my birthday, my trip to New York and so much more!!! I love August!

But before I get carried away with how much I adore August, let’s talk about July and all the success I had!

1.       I kept up with my 2 a days for about 90% of the time!
2.       I took a challenge with the YMCA and earned a t-shirt for completing so many minutes of activity
3.       I stuck to my clean eating for 30 days (1 day I binge ate and I have to tell you, it didn’t taste as good as I thought it would and it actually  left my tummy upset for a couple days)
4.       I purchased a size 10 skirt and rocked that sucka at work! Yall, I was squeezing into my 18’s at the beginning of the year!
5.       I tried on all my dresses that have been put up because they have been to small (size 10’s and 12’s) and every single one of them fit me.
6.       I have gone up again on my weights, getting stronger every day
7.       I started training Avery (which has been an amazing experience for me)
8.       And… I lost exactly 8 pounds (according to my scale, no Lo’s)

I am so motivated and determined right and I love every bit of it. People have been able to notice the change in my body and my attitude and that is such a great feeling. I love all the kind words you have all said to me; they help drive me that much closer to my goals.

Here are my stats:
I am 5’10
July 1st – 183.6
August 1st – 175.6
8 more pounds gone and NEVER coming back!

1.       To hit 189.8 --- DONE AND DONE
2.       2. To hit 175.0 --- I have 0.6 pounds to go (so close, so close)
3.       To hit 164.0 by my 28th birthday (8/22) --- I have 11.6 pounds to go and 21 days to do it (this is going to be hard since my weight loss has slowed down, but I am going to continue to push hard at the gym and eat clean and give it my all…)

Happy and Healthy August Yall!!!
Love Fitbyjordan

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