Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Something I cant stress enough

I was walking behind 2 women (they were heavy set women) and 1 man (he was average size). The guy asked the ladies to go to a burger joint so they can have some burgers and this dessert he was really wanting. Well the ladies said “We will after our last weigh in, we don’t have much longer on this DIET and then we can finally eat whatever we want again…” I wanted to laugh so hard but I figured I would be nice and bite my tongue.

As my wonderful readers and friends, there is something that I really want to make sure you all know and understand. The word diet SUCKS! Please understand that when you are on a journey to get healthy, you are not on a diet… you have to change your lifestyle and keep it changed. Trust me, I know.

I was so determined to lose 100 pounds, I did and then I went back to my old ways. I never really changed my lifestyle… I just kept up a diet that had an expiration date attached to it. Then (with the help of my surgery) I gained 40-50 pounds back! It is funny to think of it now, really did I think that since I reached my goal I could go back to my old ways and keep the weight off?

This time around, I have really been working on the emotional part of my journey and really changing how I think about things. I do have goals I would like to reach BUT I do not have an expiration date or a final goal to meet. Once I reach my goal weight on the scale, I will have another goal of shaping my body the way I want it. Once I have my body the way I want it, I will have the goal of maintaining that shape and that weight. It is an ongoing journey, it is a lifestyle change, and it is NOT a diet.

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